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Do you have a Windows system rescue disc nearby? If not, consider making a Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE) disc today.

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Every Windows user should have access khổng lồ at least one Windows system rescue disc. A Windows system rescue disc is a bootable recovery environment. The recovery environment usually has a bunch of handy tools you can use khổng lồ fix Windows or at least diagnose the issue.

Lots of Windows rescue discs use a Linux environment. But there are also recovery discs that use the Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE) instead. A Windows PE rescue disc has a familiar working environment, excellent hardware support, & the software you need khổng lồ fix your system.

What Is Windows PE?

Windows PE is a lightweight version of the Windows 10 operating system. You can use Windows PE to lớn install, test, và repair a full installation of Windows 10. A Windows PE recovery disc will work with all Windows 10 versions: Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, and so on.

The base Windows PE version supports all Windows applications, drivers, networking tools, disk partitioning & management, Computer Management tools, Hyper-V, và much more. The Windows PE-based recovery discs step this functionality up, adding in tons of miễn phí and open-source tools you can use to recover, restore, & analyze your ailing Windows 10 installation.

Download: Windows Preinstallation Environment (Free)

While Windows PE is a fully operating version of Windows 10, you cannot use it as your day-to-day operating system. Microsoft prevents the use of Windows PE as a regular operating system with an automatic restart after 72 hours of continuous use. Furthermore, "This period is not configurable." When a Windows PE recovery environment resets, any work or programs are permanently destroyed.

Are There Windows 11 PE Recovery Discs?

At the time of writing, there are not any Windows 11 PE rescue drives, though it won't be long before some of the recovery discs below are updated for the new operating system.


Hiren's BootCD is a legendary Windows rescue disc. It is an all-in-one bootable rescue disc packed with tools to lớn help you recover from drive failures, malware, password recovery, tài khoản management, and much more.

The original Hiren's BootCD was a Linux environment. But it stopped receiving updates in 2012. However, Hiren's BootCD was revitalized as a Windows PE rescue disc in 2018. It features loads of xuất hiện source and không lấy phí recovery tools, all within a familiar Windows 10 environment. You can check out the full danh mục of tools here.

Download: Hiren's BootCD PE for Windows (Free)


Bob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64 rescue disc is a modified Windows Preinstallation Environment. It has a lengthy menu of recovery and analysis tools, including Malwarebytes Antimalware, EaseUS Data Recovery, FileZilla, Rufus, and more.

Unlike some other Windows 10 PE rescue discs, Bob.Omb's also includes several ransomware decryptors. The ransomware decryptors can scan your system for ransomware, remove it, và restore your encrypted files. However, they only work with specific ransomware types, so don't attempt to lớn use them on any old type of ransomware—you could make the infection worse or increase the ransom.

If you're struggling with malware, check out the complete malware removal guide.

Download: Bob.Ombs Win10PEx64 for Windows (Free)


Kyhi's Recovery Drive, also known by the cumbersome name of Windows 10 Recovery Tools—Bootable PE Rescue Disk, is a custom Windows 10 PE environment. In this case, TenForum's user, Kyhi, has developed a Windows 10 PE environment filled with system restore & recovery tools.

Kyhi's recovery drive has a substantial number of tools for malware removal, disk partitioning and repairing, administration tools, VNC tools, backup và recovery, & much more.

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Developer, Kyhi, has stopped issuing pre-made recovery disc ISOs. But you can tải về the original 2017 release below.


As far as Windows PE-based recovery discs go, Gandalf's certainly packs the most in, coming with around 200 tools.

Among those programs are disk recovery tools, network analysis apps, hardware và software diagnostic tools, backup programs, malware & firewall apps, and more. Gandalf's recovery disc receives an update every few months, too, meaning most of the recovery apps và tools are running their latest versions.

Download: Gandalf's Windows 10PE x64 for Windows (Free)

Sergei Streclec's WinPE is a Russian-developed Windows PE-based rescue disc. WinPE has a decent range of recovery tools, network analysis apps, backup utilities, archive tools, password managers, và more.

One nice touch in Sergei Streclec's WinPE is the organization. All the tools are organized into handy categories, meaning you'll find what you are looking for straight away.

Download: WinPE for Windows (Free)

Note: Please lưu ý the archive password is strelec. You need the password lớn unlock the recovery tools!

How khổng lồ Create a Bootable Windows Recovery Disc

The recovery disc name is a slight misnomer. Originally, recovery discs were exactly that: bootable LiveCDs. Nowadays, you can boot most Windows recovery discs from a USB flash drive. For example, you can boot all the Windows recovery discs on this list from a USB flash drive.

Check out the following danh mục of ten bootable USB tools. My tool of choice is Rufus. Once you tải về the tool, follow the in-tool instructions to lớn burn the ISO lớn your USB flash drive.

When you want lớn run your Windows PE-based recovery disc, shut down the computer, pop the USB flash drive in, & boot your system from the USB drive.

Here's how you boot your system from a USB flash drive.

What Is the Best Windows PE-Based Recovery Disc?

As ever, the best Windows rescue disc is the one that has the tool that fixes your problem. The Windows PE-based recovery discs here cover a similar range of recovery và analysis tools. If there is a specific tool you need, download the relevant recovery disc.

Most of the time, it is better lớn have a Windows PE-based recovery disc already copied lớn a USB flash drive. That way, when an issue does appear, you are ready to bởi vì battle. Remember, you don't have lớn stick to lớn one.

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