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Harness your computer’s full power with V-Ray 3.6 for 3ds Max. With Group’s Hybrid Rendering Technology, you can render on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, CPUs — or a combination of both.

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Now compatible with 3ds Max 2018, this update is không lấy phí for all V-Ray 3.x customers.

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Other release highlights include:

Full Light Select Render Element – Render individual lights or groups of lights as separate render elements, with full tư vấn for global illumination, reflections và refractions for accurate light mixing in postCryptomatte– Automatically generate ID mattes with tư vấn for transparency, depth of field & motion blur. This will speed up workflows for compositors working in NUKE or FusionNVIDIANVLink– Supports shared GPU memory acrossNVLinkcompatible graphics cards

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