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Whether it’s for a phone, desktop, or the cloud, Visual Studio makes it easier to build great software.

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Develop software with Visual Studio 2017

Want khổng lồ develop software for a (mobile) telephone, PC or for the cloud? Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 is everything you need. Upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 & take advantage of the numerous improvements. This newest Studio iteration by Microsoft makes it easy khổng lồ develop, code, thử nghiệm and release software. Discover all the possibilities và features quickly!

Features of Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

From the first moment you will notice how user-friendly Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise is. Within the renewed installation thực đơn, you choose exactly which part you want to install. This way you receive exactly everything you need, without using unnecessary disk space. Choose from individual components such as .Net or C++ development and simply install this option on your hard disk. Of course, you can also choose khổng lồ install and use the complete package.

Accessibility has been greatly improved within Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. Especially the compatibility with assistive sầu hardware has been optimized. Larger screens, high-contrast themes & speech assistance settings have been improved. The debugger và editor are also adapted and work faster in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise.

Sharing projects is possible in Visual Studio 2017 through, aý muốn others, Team Explorer, Azure Tools and Microsoft Store Publishing. Visual Studio 2017 has an improved IDE startup time. In addition, extensions within Visual Studio now load on demand. This does not affect, for example, the start-up time or charging time at specific times. Through the Roaming Extension manager, you have a quick overview of the installed extensions & you will find countless new extensions.

Create excellent software for Android, iOS or Windows. And optimize software for every device, format or browser. Design platform-independent applications that use code suitable for different devices. Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise comes with integrated test tools, including thử nghiệm management, exploratory testing, performance testing & more.

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System requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for Visual Studio Enterprise 2017:

Processor:1.8 GHz or better. Dual-core or faster is recommended.Memory:2GB or RAM; 4 GB or RAM is recommendedHard disk:up lớn 130 GB required depending on installed apps; a typical installation takes 50 GB.Hard disk:It is recommended khổng lồ use a solid state drive (SSD).Graphics:minimum display resolution of 720p (1280 x 720); Visual Studio works best at a resolution of 1366 x 768 or higher.

Buy a Visual Studio 2017 license

Get started quickly with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise! Choose the 100% original software licenses from All our Visual Studio 2017 licenses are delivered via e-mail within 5 minutes. The license + digital tải về of Visual Studio 2017 is delivered without MSDoanh Nghiệp subscription. We offer reliable software at the best possible price.