Download microsoft visual studio professional 10


Download Visual Studio 2010, a development environment specialized in Windows systems. Design and develop programs and applications with Visual Studio 2010


Programmers that commonly use Windows will be very familiar with Visual Studio 2010, the development environment offered by the Redmond multinational. With this application it"s possible to lớn create all kinds of programs, web applications or pages based on the .NET platsize, making it easier for applications & pages to communicate between computers and even between devices, like smartphones.

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An essential tool for developers.

Visual Studio 2010 is the perfect tool to lớn create, develop and debug your projects. Integrate your work with a large amount of platforms, like Windows, Windows Server, Office, SharePoint or directly on the cloud.


Integrated development environment (IDE) to lớn develop and kiến thiết your own software, web applications or sites.Create all kinds of debugging tests lớn obtain the best possible results.Improve sầu your workflow with the customization options of its interface & the multi-screen support.

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Work collaboratively with the rest of members of your team or company.Transfer the code, the Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration and your database"s diagram to lớn your hệ thống very easily.Interface that is totally renovated compared to older versions. Clear & comfortable-to-use workspace.Add new programming languages to work with lượt thích F#, C++ và even Silverlight.

Make full use of the advantages of Visual Studio 2010

Without a doubt, Visual Studio 2010 is a product that"s advisable in professional development environments: one of the best alternatives to lớn program any kind of application thanks lớn its workflow, capable of increasing the developer"s productivity.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Professional và discover how this product can help programmers khổng lồ create và kiểm tra their own software solutions.