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Ulead VideoStudio is now called VideoStudio & it is better than ever!

Developed by Ulead systems, Ulead VideoStudio was one of the most popular đoạn Clip editing software in the 90’s. It allowed anyone to lớn edit video contents in professional style. There was a wide a range of tools for advanced Clip editing but the learning curve was very small. That helped novice users to enhance their video editing skills greatly. With frequent updates & newer versions, Ulead Video Studio became more user friendly with improved editing features. In 2006, Ulead VideoStudio became Corel’s property. Corel marketed the software in the same name for a while, but later it was changed lớn Corel VideoStudio. The lathử nghiệm version of Corel VideoStudio is packed with tons of advanced effects & filters which serves all màn chơi of users in creating innovative sầu video clip projects.

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Top Reasons to Upgrade From Ulead VideoStudio:

StandardInstant Project TemplatesAR StickersEnhanced performanceUltimate OnlyEnhanced Clip stabilizationMore premium effectsAuto Motion blur



Get started quickly with our wide selection of tutorials in the Discovery Center. Master the basics or explore new tools và dive deeper into video editing!


Video Editing Guides

In-depth written tutorials help you underst& key video editing concepts.


Search Help

Access how-to information on features, learn the basics and much more. The quickest, easiest way to browse the user guide.


User Forum

Connect with other users lớn get advice, swap tips & techniques và discuss VideoStudio.


User Guide

A complete PDF guide lớn all the information you need to lớn get started in VideoStudio.

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Find frequently asked questions và answers about VideoStudio in the Corel Knowledgebase.


Studio Backlot*

From our friends at Studio Backlot, access their library of tutorials & creative content.

* Content is available only in English. Subtitles are available on select training videos. Studio Backlot offers training in English & French.

Get all of the old features you loved about Ulead VideoStudio & a whole lot more when you nâng cấp to the lathử nghiệm version of VideoStudio.