Fixes for "file is too large for destination file system" in windows 11/10/8/7


File system controls how files are stored, identified and organized in the drive. In Windows, the most common tệp tin systems are FAT, FAT32, & NTFS. FAT, known as FAT16, only supports an individual tệp tin up to lớn 2GB in maximum kích cỡ. For FAT32, the supported maximum form size of a single tệp tin is 4GB. In comparison, for NTFS, the maximum size of a single file is increased khổng lồ 16TB.

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Based on mentioned above, “The tệp tin is too large for the destination tệp tin system” issue results from the limit of maximum size of the destination drive tệp tin system. Hence, you can kiểm tra your drive sầu tệp tin system. Most of time, it may be either FAT or FAT32. Then, what you can bởi vì is lớn convert tệp tin system to NTFS. Here are 4 ways lớn get it. But, you have sầu khổng lồ bachồng up drive at first. Otherwise, you will be required khổng lồ attempt data recovery afterwards, similar lớn PST recovery.

1. Reformat in Windows Explorer

First off, go to lớn “Start Menu” & click “Computer”.Then, in Windows Explorer, locate & pitch on the destination drive sầu.Next, right cliông xã & choose “Format” from the context thực đơn.After that, in the popup dialog box, select “NTFS” in “File System” field.Finally, clichồng “Start” button.

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2. Reformat in Disk Management

At first, press “Win” + “R” lớn bring up “Run” dialog box.Then, input the “diskmgmt.msc” in the “Open” field và press “Enter” key.Subsequently, in “Disk Management” window, locate the destination drive.Later, right cliông xã it và choose “Format” option.In the small popup dialog box, choose “NTFS” in “File System” box.Ultimately, clichồng “OK”.

3. Change File System in Commvà Prompt

For a start, trigger “Run” like the Step 1 in the above way.Then, type “cmd” & press “Enter” key button.Next, in the displayed Command Prompt window, đầu vào the following line:

convert drive sầu letter: /fs: tệp tin systemFor instance, you want lớn convert Drive sầu F lớn NTFS file system, use:

convert F: /fs: ntfsEventually, press “Enter” button.Now, just wait convert.exe lớn complete the process.

4. Convert File System by Third Party Tool

Aside from the inbuilt methods provided by Windows, you could resort khổng lồ a third buổi tiệc ngọt tool as well. There are a plenty of tools for tệp tin system conversion in today’s market. Any the unreliable may make irreversible damage khổng lồ both drive sầu and data. Therefore, you should choose a trustworthy, experienced & well-known tool to lớn have sầu a try.

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