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Do you think dragging items lớn your Recycle Bin is a simple maneuver? Would you lượt thích to lớn be able uninstall unwanted programs with the same level of ease? With Your Unistaller!, you can. It’s just that simple. Your Uninstaller! makes it easy to get rid of all of your unwanted programs just as easily as you bởi the files that you want lớn delete. It provides an excellecole.vnt alternative sầu to lớn the Windows Add/Remove sầu feature và provides a much simpler interface whereby users can quickly and easily get rid of those undesired, clutter-adding, speed reducing programs. There are several things which make Your Uninstaller! better và more improved than the Add/Remove programs feature. First, it gets up & running much quicker than Add/Remove sầu. Next, it will provide an accurate display of your programs icons so you can be sure you’re only getting rid of the right programs. In addition, you can also use Your Uninstaller!’s handy tìm kiếm feature to lớn tìm kiếm for the program you want to remove. Your Uninstaller! is also capable of detecting brokecole.vn registry keys và can, with your permission, dispecole.vnse with them. Your Uninstaller is also very effective sầu at searching for and removing spy programs. It can evecole.vn hide or remove sầu applications that slow your computer down by running on startup.

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DescriptionRatingDownloadsPriceFile Size
Simple Shutdown Timer
Computer Repair Free
Prints from a DOS programTurn your iPod or iPhone inkhổng lồ a removable storage driveShut down or log off your computer at pre-set timesSpeed up your computer by removing spyware và fixing files

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