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Mindjet MindManager is software that helps you create your own ideas & thinking thoughts on paper in the khung of mind maps, diagrams, concepts, trees and organizational charts, và manage relationships your contacts & manage your data. This software is designed to improve your workflow and make business processes more efficient.

MindManager can display the pure ideas of your strategic plan visually in mind maps. You can work on multiple projects at once so that each maps is displayed in a separate tab. A mental bản đồ can include several topics, subtopics, links, notes, images, tags, and attachments. Items in the bản đồ can be grouped together or linked together by arrows.

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In MindManager, you can define each reminder subject, specify their properties, và associate them with spreadsheet data.MindManager will allow you to assign priority to lớn each item và progressive icons và highlight them with flags, icons and other colored markers.In addition, the AutoCalc feature allows you to địa chỉ cửa hàng and compare costs.

In addition, you can integrate parts of one or more maps or, in general, multiple maps together.It can also add items from SharePoint or Outlook khổng lồ the map, or connect the maps to a database such as Access, Excel, or SQL Server.You can also extract your project in SharePoint format.In the Brainstorm section of the software, you can generate new và constructive ideas.

Features of Mindjet MindManager

The software framework is completely intuitiveProject và business tools khổng lồ identify project needsFully compatible with Office software (PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint & Outlook).Extract projects as PDF, HTML, images và SharePointProject management through Microsoft Project và Microsoft VisioThere is a project đánh giá modeFilter tìm kiếm between projects and mapsEasily convert maps into processing charts.

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Installation and activation Instructions

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