Tải bluestacks cho win 7


ecole.vn is very easy to install, mostly because all you need is a small installer file, and our software will vị the rest for you, including downloading necessary files, và actually installing the emulator on your PC.

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You can find this downloader on our official website, by clicking on the corresponding “Download” button. Make sure you ALWAYS download ecole.vn updates and clients from our trang web as our files are certified malware-free và we can’t take responsibility for issues caused by installers downloaded from third-party sites.

Installing ecole.vn 5

Once you have your installer downloaded, simply double click on it khổng lồ start the installation.

As we mentioned above, the process is mostly automatic. However, you can freely select the install directory by clicking on the “Customize” button just beside the text field in the installer. Please keep in mind that every single phầm mềm or trò chơi you install on ecole.vn will be stored in this directory, so make sure you have plenty of space for all the sản phẩm điện thoại games you’ll want to lớn play on PC.

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Note: Updating lớn a newer version of ecole.vn 5 is very much the same, only instead of creating a fresh install, the installer will prompt to update your existing version. No additional steps or input đầu vào is necessary if this is the case, & you won’t thua trận any of your installed data or games by updating your ecole.vn via the installer.

Setting Up Your Google trương mục in ecole.vn 5

Once you’ve installed ecole.vn 5, there’s still one more step you need to do before playing: linking your Google account. This is necessary for accessing important services such as the Play Store, which is from where you’ll be downloading most, if not all, your games.

Linking a Google trương mục is very simple, & is one of the first things you’ll do after installing ecole.vn since you’ll be prompted to vì chưng so by the emulator. In this text screen, you just need to input đầu vào your Google user và password, và you’ll be ready khổng lồ start installing games on ecole.vn.


Note: If for any reason you didn’t get the initial Google thiết lập screen upon launching ecole.vn, you can still địa chỉ cửa hàng your trương mục via the apk settings thực đơn on the home screen, in the “Accounts” submenu. Alternatively, if you try to access the Play Store, you’ll also be prompted to liên kết an trương mục if you haven’t done so already.