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Adobe Premiere one of the most dominant and recognized names in video clip editing software. The Premiere Pro is the standard đoạn phim editing and mostly considered as the best đoạn Clip editor by many.

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Get your Adobe Premiere Pro CC năm ngoái for free, for your Windows OS. The application is fast, easy khổng lồ use, & has a number of tools using which will enable you khổng lồ edit any video in any size that you want.

Overview on Adobe Premiere Pro 2015

Adobe Premiere Pro năm ngoái was released in June of năm nhâm thìn. It was the successor of Adobe Premiere Pro CC năm trước and was later on succeeded by Adobe Premiere Pro 2017.

Here the application has an easy proxy truyền thông creation that will enable us to lớn edit any đoạn phim with any kích cỡ. High or low-chất lượng videos lượt thích 8K, HD, MP4, or HFR are supported.

A new welcome screen is introduced. As compared khổng lồ the previous versions, the welcome screen is friendlier, has better navigation with an advanced option lớn select or create a tệp tin.

Premiere Pro năm ngoái has a cleaner interface. Changes in icons, layout, and features are made.

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Thanks lớn the Adobe Mercury 64-bit playback machine, you will have sầu faster video clip editing with tốc độ improvement in GPU.

3D videos or VR videos are all around us. Like any other đoạn Clip, they also need editing. Even though, in previous versions of Adobe Premiere Pro 3 chiều editing was introduced. However, now the 3D editing capabilities have been taken to lớn another level.

With Clouds, you can automatically synchronize the changes on your projects which later on can be accessed anywhere.

Adobe has not limited us to only đoạn phim editing with Premiere Pro 2015. They also introduced that audio enhancement feature, where you can bring changes in pitch, scrub audio.

Like any other Adobe software: in Adobe Premiere Pro năm ngoái there is great integration with other Adobe applications.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 Free Download


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