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Since Sony doesn’t provide a miễn phí version of the hàng hóa, you could find Sony Vegas torrents a Sony Vegas Portable download links everywhere. However, you should keep in mind that the program is not legal and is likely to bring about a number of related risks.

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Sony Vegas Portable Disadvantages:

It’s illegal. In many countries, there is criminal liability for the users of pirated software. Sony can take any không tính tiền programs enthusiast to lớn court. It may have sầu viruses. People who cốt truyện pirated software cannot be held accountable in case something happens with your device after the program has been installed. Viruses can not only worsen the performance of your device, but you also risk losing personal data khổng lồ fraudsters. It doesn’t have sầu updates. Since the program you will be using is not registered, the developers of Sony Vegas will not be able to lớn sover you updates.

Sony Vegas License Advantages:

Stable work. Software developers have made sure that your program is safe, your personal data isn’t in danger & every feature of your program works properly. Regular updates. Your program will be updated in a timely manner. You won’t miss any new features that are added to lớn Sony Vegas. Access lớn customer support. If you have a problem or a malfunction in your program, you can tương tác customer tư vấn. You won’t get a chance to vày it with pirated Sony Vegas Pro Portable.

What Version Should I Use?

If, after all, you have decided lớn invest in the official version of the software, you should download it only from the official trang web. There are many different versions available at different price points & subscription plans. So anyone can select the best software lớn meet their personal requirements.

1. Pro Version

Sony Vegas Pro
Platforms: Windows Price: $299

The lathử nghiệm version of the software, Sony Vegas Pro 17, is definitely more efficient than the previous ones. The program is full of features khổng lồ make your đoạn phim editing experience positive. You will be getting improved color grading workflow, which is not only powerful but also extremely intuitive, ability lớn create multiple nested timelines, advanced HDR editing tools, etc.

2. Pro Edit Version

Sony Vegas Pro Edit
Platforms: Windows Price: $199

Vegas Pro 17 Edit is a more simplified version of Vegas Pro 17 for non-linear Clip & audio editing at a professional level. You will be getting access to lớn such features as LUT export, creating slow-motion & nested timeline, color correcting workflow.

Additionally, Vegas Pro 17 Edit supports 8K, hardware acceleration, screen capture và many more. The range of tools provided with this version is by no means going lớn restrict you và your creativity.

3. Pro 365 Version

Sony Vegas Pro 365
Platforms: Windows Price: $16.67/month

This is a 12-month subscription plan with which you will get a complete package of software for editing đoạn phim and audio files as well as tutorials from experts.

4. Pro Suite Version

Sony Vegas Pro Suite
Platforms: Windows Price: $399

Vegas Pro 17 Suite is a chất lượng offer from Sony. Not only will you get all the tools & functionality of Vegas Pro 17, but you will also have sầu full DVD/Blu-ray authoring capability together with plenty of add-ons developed by Boris Continuum. This suite is the most amazing offer from Sony.

Sony Vegas Portable Alternatives

In case purchasing Sony Vegas is not something you can afford at the moment và Vegas Pro Portable is off the table, have a look at this selection of programs that you can use instead. The suggestions I have sầu here are reliable và will work great when you need to edit your footage.

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1. OpenShot


This program has a lot of features that are essential for a Clip editor. You will be able khổng lồ tryên your footage & arrange it in a necessary way, adjust audio levels, add transitions & work with multiple video layers, etc. It also supports most of the codecs & video tệp tin formats.

The best part about OpenShot is its UI. It is very user-friendly, which means that even absolute beginners will be able to lớn work with it.

2. Kdenlive


The name of the software actually stands for ‘KDE Non-Linear Video Editor’. The program is currently available for GNU & Linux, will work on BSD & macOS but is still being developed to work on Windows.

Beginner-màn chơi đoạn phim editors are usually linear. In the case of Kdenlive sầu, you have sầu a non-linear one, which will take some organizing on your part before you can start editing videos. But don’t worry, even the amateurs will be able lớn use it for personal purposes.

3. Avidemux


This không lấy phí open-source video clip editing software will work for simple tasks, including trimming, filtering, encoding, etc. You will be able to work with a lot of popular file formats, lượt thích AVI, MPEG, MP4, ASF and so on, due lớn the tư vấn of different codecs. There is also a possibility khổng lồ automate the tasks and create queues.

Avidemux can be used on different platforms and its developers welcome any add-ons, patches, translations or bug reports from its users.


To create beautiful effects in Sony Vegas, you don’t have khổng lồ tweak & adjust the settings all the time. You can use our free LUTs that will make your footage more expressive.



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This filter will make colors in your Clip more saturated và intense. It will also bring out the warmer tones. Use this LUT khổng lồ create an atmosphere of a cozy summer sunrise somewhere in nature.

Seaside Wedding

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By adding depth lớn the colors, this filter will make the details in the Clip st& out. You will also get a lãng mạn effect due to lớn the increased warm tones.

Sweet Memories

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This LUT will add the atmosphere of a family trip lớn any footage. It is perfect for applying khổng lồ videos of your nearest and dearest.