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Producing high quality and captivating videos is a hard task and usually requires skilled professionals who know to handle their camera work. However even with them, human error and poor quality cameras can still have a major negative effect on the quality of a video produced. It is for this reason that Sony produced a very reliable video editing software that runs on NonLinear Editing (NLE) and has an array of features that helps you produce videos that are captivating in quality and beauty.

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Key FeaturesSony Vegas Pro 12 product key

It has an Expanded Edit Mode that shows you work you have done previously and currently in two different preview frames, this makes it easier for you to notice what need to be edited and cut to come up with good quality videos.The Bezier masking tools have been improved where there is addition of theRectangle and Circle mask creation tools that make it easier to create masks that are perfectly square, rectangular, oval or circular. You can also obscure a section of your video by applying a pixelate filter to it.It has a new filter: the Color Match that automatically matches videos from two different clips. This is a critical tool when you shoot the same scene with two different camera types, and they differ in color quality.It has an improved Project Media Window that has a tagging feature which helps you arrange your files, search for them, add tags that are custom made and with each new tag created, the software automatically creates a new tag for them.There is an improved search tool that allows you to look for clips in the project you are undertaking that contains a specific tag. It is even easier to narrow down your search to the exact clips by use of the multiple search criteria.There are smart bins that are critical in preserving already conducted searches so that it is easier to return to it modify and refine its conditions to whatever you need exactly. They also can automatically update if you add new tags.You can simultaneously change the properties of media files because the Project Media Window has been modified with additional features that enable the work you are working on to have the same orientation throughout different clips.A new filter has been added, the Layer Dimensionality, which enables you to modify an alpha channel video by adding texture to it. You can also use it on textual files since it allows you to add amazing effects on texts.It is the first of its kind to support the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) workflow that allows you to bring in all the low and high end color details and create whatever look you aspire your video to have.The user interface has been greatly improved to make it easier for you to choose different tools and features that make it fun and easier to edit your videos into beautiful and captivating moments and memories.


Windows Vista/7 with 64 bitMulticore processor with 2GHzFree 500MB hard disk space for installing the software8GB RAMUSB 2.0 connectionA sound card that is compatible with Windows

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This software name as Sony Vegas Pro 12 serial key makes video editing an easy task that does not require one to go to school so as to use it; it also brings out the best quality videos you can ever make.