Samsung notebook 9 pro giá


Connect your điện thoại thông minh and PC with Flow. Wirelessly transfer files with Handover, work with your phone through your PC via Smart View and Notifications Sync features, và use your di động device"s hotspot function lớn connect your PC lớn the internet.

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Stream and search with the tốc độ you need on a Windows system you know. New computers have faster processors, more power, & new giải pháp công nghệ that make webpages load quickly & software more responsive.

" data-link_cat="tooltip">Multimedia

Stereo Speakers ( Max 5 W x 2 )Smart AmpSoundAlive™Internal Dual Array Digital Mic720p HD Camera

" data-link_cat="tooltip">Ports

2 Thunderbolt™ 31 USB-C™MicroSD Multi-media card Reader1 tai nghe out/Mic-in Combo

" data-link_cat="tooltip">Touch Pad / Track Point

Island-type keyboard(Backlit keyboard)Touch screenN/AClickpad

" data-link_cat="tooltip">Software

Link SharingMcAfee Live Safe (60 days trial) SettingsStudio UpdateteamPL※ Software can be changed without notice.(Windows 10)

" data-link_cat="tooltip">Disclaimer

Data transfer speeds can vary among different USB devices and system configuration.

Two models to lớn best fit your lifestyle

Find the right Notebook 9 Pro models, financing options và offers for your needs.

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Two models lớn best fit your lifestyle

Find the right Notebook 9 Pro models, financing options and offers for your needs.

256 GB, 13.3", Full HD touch screen

Everything the casual or cloud-based user needs in a sleek form.

512GB, 13.3", Full HD cảm ứng screen

All the tools you need with an expanded storage capacity khổng lồ take it with you.

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