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Revo Uninstaller Portable Full Overview:

Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable is an advanced windows uninstaller software which allows you khổng lồ uninstall, delete và remove programs from PC. It solves all the uninstalling problems which you face during uninstall process. You can uninstall và remove the extra programs installed on your PC. Usually, people use the “Add or Remove Programs” from windows control panel to lớn erase the unwanted program from PC, but Revo Portable makes uninstall process more comfortable for you. When you use default removing method, then some programs shows error during the process. But It is a much better and powerful alternative of “Windows địa chỉ or Remove Programs” applet. Revo Uninstaller Pro Crack is compatible with both Windows 32 bit và 64 bit.

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It works with the fast & most advanced algorithm technology which analyses program’s data before you uninstall it. It also scans your PC drives after you uninstall a program from the computer. Revo Uninstaller Pro torrent can remove additional unwanted folders, files & registry keys which usually remained in your PC. It also solves software installation solutions.

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If your any program shows error during installation just scan program data on your PC hard disk drives and in the windows registries. It will show all bugs files, folders & registry keys then you can delete them with ease. It provides you with an optional tool to clean up your PC. It offers you a “Hunter Mode” which is easy lớn use but efficient in performance. You can uninstall và delete your running programs quickly. You can also get all information about your installed, running và removed programs. May you lượt thích to tải về EaseUS Data Recovery Crack.

Key Features of Revo Uninstaller Pro 2017:

• auto Start Manager – Revo Uninstaller torrent prevents programs which start automatically on startup of windows. It also speeds up loading of your PC Windows!• Junk Files Cleaner – It scans then removes unwanted files from your PC and free up disk space.• Windows Tools Manager – Handy & beneficial functions equipped with the compatibility of every version of Windows.• Browsers History Cleaner – its automatic clean your web browser history, erase visited pages history & temporary internet files of internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browser. It’s free up a lot of disk space by deleting temporary internet files such as temporary flash files, auto-saved videos, brief pictures, etc.!• Windows History Cleaner –, Delete temporary files, Remove the history of recently opened files, Remove items that are saved by Windows.•Unrecoverable Delete Tool – It can erase files and folders forever. It will make you sure that nobody can recover your files & folders after deleting!• Evidence Remover – Remember it already deleted files, data và folders are unrecoverable so securely erase your data because you can never get back your data again.


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