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Ghost Win from HDD to lớn SSD will help you keep all data and applications on your laptop when installed without fear of losing them.

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So how to ghost Win with Onekey Ghost? The following article will guide you how lớn do & fix errors when ghost Win easily. Follow us now!

1. What is Ghost Windows?

Ghost Windows or ghost Win is software that specializes in backing up data of a hard drive partition . More simply, ghost Win will create a copy of Windows at a certain time, so that when the machine is in danger, the user can restore the status of the machine at the time of ghost Win. Ghost Win can be applied lớn versions of Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 , even Windows 11 .


2. Why should you move Windows from HDD lớn SSD by ghost?

Because Ghost Windows is faster than installing new Windows completely on SSD .Ghost Windows will completely keep your apps & data when moving from HDD to SSD.Installing Windows on an SSD will make the process faster, opening the computer faster thanks khổng lồ the speed of the SSD.

3. How to Ghost Windows from HDD to SSD with Onekey Ghost

First, click HERE to download Onekey Ghost.

How to Create a Windows Ghost Backup

Step 1: After the installation is complete, open the software> Wait a few seconds for the software to list the drives on the laptop.


Step 2: At the Onekey Ghost software interface, select BackUp > Select the path lớn save the ghost file > Click Save > Select Yes khổng lồ proceed with backing up the Windows operating system.

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Step 3: At the notification screen, click Yes to restart the computer khổng lồ start backing up.


How lớn Unzip the ghost file to switch from Windows lớn SSD

After ghosting Windows on the HDD, proceed to replace the HDD with an SSD and perform the following steps:

Step 1: At the Onekey Ghost software interface, select Restore > Select the path lớn save the previous Windows ghost > Select the partition to extract the Windows ghost tệp tin > Click Yes.


Follow the instructions on the image lớn perform ghost Windows

Step 2: Wait for the machine khổng lồ process the settings> Restart the machine> Press F12 khổng lồ enter the Boot Menu> Select Boot khổng lồ the SSD> When entering Windows, start reformatting the HDD to have an extra hard drive to lớn save. Store.


4. Fix the error of not being able lớn ghost okldr.mbr missing


Due lớn the missing tệp tin okldr.mbr in the ghost process, it mainly happens due to the wrong way of booting.

How to fix:

Press Windows + R type "msconfig" > Boot section select the Windows you are using in the drive you use (eg C: Windows) > Click set as mặc định > Select Apply > Restart the machine.


Above are instructions on how to lớn do and fix errors when ghost win with Onekey Ghost. Hope you will find the above information useful, see you in the next articles!