Msi x470 gaming pro carbon atx am4 motherboard


Great board, would prefer I few more tín đồ & rgb headers but that is probably unrealistic for this price point. Nice RGB compatible with Mystic Light & RAZER game synchronization.

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Good motherboard, handy uefi bgame ios. Only thing that lets it down is MSI"s softwares which are less than good

Love this board but I wish I had sprung for one with more updated features. Having a usb 3.1 header would have been awesome. More 5v 3 pin ARGB headers would have sầu been great.

Ultimately it does everything asked and it is great lớn have sầu a nice I/O shield và some built in ARGB.

Good board. Wish i would"ve gotten the one with WiFi built in but i get by with a usb WiFi just fine. Has a good amount of fan headers và SATA ports. RGB lighting effects are cool but some lighting modes don"t work and it is dissapointing. The ones that vì work are really cool và control over colors is okay 6 out of 10 for lighting software imo. 4 out of 5 stars overall!


Works great, lots of tư vấn for RGB, fans & the like with lots of reinforced support around ram and PCI lanes.

Note: Wasn"t able to lớn USB C header from case (O11 Dynamic) Also if you"re using a 5700 or galax kích thước 1060, both have sầu clearance issues with the vrm on the right. Weirdly, 2080 super ftw3 fits perfect.

Note: I"m only keeping the mobo at a 4 because of consistent updates, but this motherboard was inconsistent and caused issues with our 5700 challenge from asrock, 32gb of trident z royals, and 3900x which behaved very erratic at first, I believe this is all due to lớn the ram controller. Update it to lớn the Beta version lớn fix all the issues WE had, though MSI needs fan controlling bachồng in this bgame ios for the users, caused a lot of headabít.

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It"s a good looking motherboard with a great VRM setup for overclocking. It"s got lots of build in headers for RGB và USB 3.0 but for some reason no Type-C header. The Rainbow RGB lights are cool but MSI"s Mystic Light software for controlling the lights is garbage & crashes pretty often.

This is hands down the best MOBO I"ve ever owned. Lots of overclocking options in the user-friendly UEFI, 2 M.2 slots both of which are NVMe capable, 2 USB 3.0 ports(!) fan headers... just so many fan headers, LED headers if you"re into lớn that sort of thing, LED on the board, great RAM support. I really can"t think of anything negative sầu to say. I mean, I wish it had a postcode, but there are LEDs to signify if something is wrong. So that"s a thing.

Got on sale ~$150, has terrific features và was easy lớn install. Oh, I should mention the compatibility warning isn"t complete on this site. there are 2 mét vuông ports, the top will disable the 5th pcle slot while the lower one will disable a sata port. the top drive sầu will not read a sata mét vuông.

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The MSI X470 Carbon motherboard is easy to lớn work with. I went with it because it supports SLI and also I wanted GPU and mobo to lớn be of same brvà even though this is not a requirement. Once the GPU was finalized I knew motherboard would be MSI. No complaints there. It"s got fancy lighting on it, but I keep all RGB lights off practically always including the ones on RAM, CPU cooler, Video card as well as the keyboard. Only time I turn everything on (và that too in rainbow style :P , is while gaming) The downside is that the missus realizes this soon enough & that increases the probability of being given additional chores in the house.

Don’t let ppp fool you on this board. It doesn’t NEED the second eps power to operate unless you are doing some serious overclocking. My main complaint here is that the MSI utilities don’t align very well with other MSI products. In my experience, using an AMD gpu was fine with all the different utilities available for download. Once I switched lớn the 2080, things got weird. I have sầu used MSI Comm& Center for a long time, but once I installed Dragon Center, it removes half of the utilities available for my motherboard và wanted to lớn be the center of attention. Long story short I removed DC to lớn keep the mb utilities.