Msi gtx 1660 ventus xs 6gb gddr6 graphics card


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Looking baông chồng now, this was the best buy of my life with my $80 voucher from eBay on the purchase. I got it for $360 and now they"re going for $750 because of the microprocessor shortage. Oh yeah, it"s also better than PS4 and Xbox One graphics so I can"t complain there either.

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Works great, price is honestly not even that bad considering when I bought it, however it doesn’t look the best mounted on the motherboard, still a great choice though!! (It’s not ugly or anything just a bit eh, could easily cover it up if I knew how lớn like some of the people on here haha)


Runs basically anything và everything I throw at it. That could be because I don"t use anything demanding but triple AAA titles like Horizon Zero Dawn at 1080p and ultra settings runs at 45+ FPS và almost never dips, most of the time it actually goes up to 55 or 60 before dropping baông xã down. Very nice graphics thẻ, love sầu that it has the backplate as well.

It can handle any game I play, keep in mind I play at 1080p, but still very good card if you can get it on sale or open box

Good value for money & does what it says it will. However, be aware that any hard to lớn run games will likely not warrant a PC and you may have sầu well just stayed on console.

Wasn"t my first option in GPU"s but still works great and makes every game look amazing, has a nice sturdy backplate khổng lồ make installation easier and comes well protected.

Slight coil whine under load but it is bearable. Other than that it works great & I was able to overcloông xã it to get a little bit more performance out of it.

runs a little spicy sometimes up lớn 70 Celsius but thats on everything on ultra settings, gives the performance i want easily breaks 60fps on AAA games 1080p

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