Msi computer v809


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from completed build My SECOND Build after year 1986 (Đài truyền hình BBC Micro 32k) : This One Custom COVID Build - Lockdown-2020-2021 ; Fully Plug-n-Play in Flat 90 mins - The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X on X570 Tomahawk WiFi

I dont much understand about graphics, but keeping future expansion of monitors, a minimum 3 GB was found essential for DDR5. When I shortlisted this GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, the cost was half of what I purchased and at the time of purchase, it wasnt available in open market. I learnt nhật bản has come out with a new more powerful 1050 Ti, so i decided to take advise from many people till msi mê themselves helped me in getting one.It runs COOL!



It has handled everything i throw at it (considering that i don"t play very intensive sầu games, like cp2077)

Love this card for the price! My games run nice & smooth. People told me it was too outdated but it"s what works for me!

Much better then I expected, monstrous on medium and high settings when paired with the right hardware.

No complaints with this GPU it works great.....just thought it was weird when I didn’t have to plug it in with the 6+2 pin connector but turns out it doesn’t need it because it’s integrated.

Woks fine out of the box.I have sầu lớn really chạy thử it yet, will update when i vày.For now LOL on Wine in Linux mint 19, all mix at Medium quality got near 240 FPS.

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