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Classic Menu for Office 2007

Frustrated by endless searches for features on the Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon? Download & install this software to bring baông xã the familiar menus và toolbars. The classic view allows you lớn work with Office 2007 as if it were Office 2003. It not only includes Classic Menu for

2007, but also includes Classic Menu for
2007. If you are using Office 2010 or 2013, please visit Classic Menu for Office 2010 và 2013.

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All New Features of Office 2007. All new features và commands of Microsoft Office 2007 have been added to lớn the main thực đơn, standard toolbar và formatting toolbar. The Office 2007 ribbon tabs are available so that you can have sầu the best of both worlds: the new interface và the classic interface.


Office 2007 Menu và Toolbar
You will see the old toolbars and menus on the ribbon of Office 2007. This will make Office 2007 look like 2003, XPhường. và 2000. With the Office 2007 menus, you can still enjoy many old functions of Office 2003, Office XPhường (2002) và Office 2000 that have sầu been removed from Office 2007.
Easy khổng lồ Deploy for Enterprises và Organizations
It is very easy to deploy this software on all the computers in your organization or enterprise. Clichồng to lớn learn more about how to automatically deploy Classic Menu for Office 2007 khổng lồ all computers in your enterprise or organization.
Save sầu Time và Money on Training
Quickly find and exeđáng yêu the commands you want with the old menu & look. Use Microsoft Office 2007 suites & applications immediately, without any training or tutorials. Save time & money on training! Improve working efficiency immediately!
Multiple Languages
This software supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Office 2007, including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese & more. If you change the language of Office 2007, the language of the classic thực đơn will automatically be changed. There is no need to lớn change any settings. All languages are included in a single installation package.
More Office 2007 Toolbars

In addition khổng lồ the main thực đơn, standard và formatting toolbars, this software offers additional toolbars, such as comments, proofing, tracking, mailings and reference for Office 2007. You can display these toolbars as needed (cliông xã View > Toolbars > Show Additional Toolbars).


Old Keyboard Shortcuts of Previous Versions of Office The original old keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft Office 2003, 2002 và 2000 are available. Press Alt-Q, & you can use the familiar keyboard shortcuts again.



Many Office add-ins provided by other independent software vendors are very difficult lớn install và use, but the Classic Menu for Office 2007 is very easy to install and uninstall, just like common software. You bởi not need any special skills or technology to lớn use it.
100% satisfaction is guaranteed, along with không lấy phí updates (service packs, patches & higher versions of the Classic Menu for Office 2007) and tư vấn.
The software is fully compatible withMicrosoft® Windows® 10/8/7/Vista (32/64), XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 (32/64), Windows Terminal (Remote Desktop) Server và Citrix System.

The classic menus và toolbars are designed for all suites of Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft Office trang chủ và Student 2007 Microsoft Office Standard 2007 Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
Easy to lớn Show/Hide Menus & Toolbars

It is easy to lớn show or hide the built-in tabs on the ribbon. It is also easy lớn show or hide menus and toolbars in Office 2007. You can change the position of the classic menus.


The classic thực đơn provides faster startup. It has a small tệp tin size:5.0 MB(.exe file) -9.9 MB(.mđam mê file). It is also based on standard Microsoft Office add-In công nghệ, which is more stable & reliable.
Multiple Languages


Classic Menus (more screen shots)


Keyboard Shortcuts (more screen shots)


More Screen Shots

Classic Menu Programs Classic Menu for Word 2007 Classic Menu for Excel 2007 Classic Menu for PowerPoint 2007 Classic Menu for Access 2007 (The World"s Only Classic Menus Designed for Access 2007) Classic Menu for Outlook 2007 (The World"s Only Classic Menus Designed for Outlook 2007) Classic Menu Manager Features List International Languages Support All Languages Included in the Installation File All New Features of Office 2007 are Available Original Features of Office 2003, XP and 2000 (Which Removed by Office 2007) are Available (Most) Main Menu, Standard Toolbar, Formatting Toolbar Additional Toolbars Additional Toolbars Can be Hide User Can Disable Menus & Toolbars User Can Hide the "All" Menu Item User Can Hide the Build-in Tabs on Ribbon Change the Position of Classic Menu Cliông chồng Once & Browse The Whole Menus (Browse the "All" thực đơn item) Familiar Keyboard Shortcuts Managing & Deploying Administrator Can Disable/Enable Classic Menu for All Users on Computer or Server Common Users Can Disable/Enable Classic Menu (When Administrator Enabling Classic Menu) Administrator Can Deploy the Classic Menu lớn Whole Enterprise (Organization, College...) Administrator Can Enter the License Info & Change the Setting When Deploying Support và Service 60-Day Money Baông xã Guarantee Provide .MSI File for Network Deploying

Editor"s Reviews
CNET editors' rating:

If you find yourself spending way too much time trying to lớn locate frequently-used Microsoft Office commands through its newly designed interface, this program is for you...

- CNET (www.Download.com is a web site of CNET)

Hands on: Show Office 2007 who's the boss

...Sensing an opportunity, third-buổi tiệc nhỏ software vendors have sầu stepped in with products that either replace or enhance the new Ribbon interface in several Office 2007 applications... Classic Menu adds a tab filled with Office 2003 menus...

- ComputerWorld

Don"t get derailed by Office 2007 compatibility issues

#10: Adding on a "classic" user interface... If you want, you can install a third-buổi tiệc ngọt add-on that gives you baông chồng the old thực đơn bar without sacrificing the new Ribbon. Classic Menu for Office 2007 installs easily...

See more: Ghế Game E R E - Ghế Chơi Game E

- TechRepublic

User"s Reviews

I love you - I love sầu you!! I just downloaded the classic toolbar program from you và you are a life saver!!! I started a new job a couple months ago và haven’t worked on a PC in about 5 years (I’ve been using a Mac) và the Office 2010 toolbars are a joke. After 2 months of frustration from searching for various actions that aren’t on my toolbars, I came across your download. So I just wanted lớn say THANKS!!!! You have sầu made my life SO much easier!

-Eydie BioScientific, Inc. / Great Big Plants

Dear Sirs, I just want khổng lồ let you know how much I appreciate your Classic Menus program. Without it, I would not be prepared khổng lồ use Microsoft"s lakiểm tra Office software.

Yours Andrew Lovell

Hello, Thank you very much for your very useful advice. Everything worked perfectly. May I take the opportunity of saying how much I like the Classic thực đơn for Office product. It is absolutely excellent and has saved me many, many hours of frustration. I’ve sầu recommended it khổng lồ several colleagues, who are equally satisfied.

Regards John Ashton

Hi, Thank you so much for your kindness và sense of service. I think your products are wonderful and regularly recommkết thúc your add-ins, which make life easier with the impossibly complicated new Office products.

Thank you again, Dafydd MB

You Rock! It worked lượt thích a charm! You don’t know how much I appreciate this application!!! I still can’t believe that Microsoft doesn’t have this built into lớn their Office 2007 sản phẩm. You folks lớn the rescue :o) Have sầu a great weekend!


Awesome! Thank you so much for your helpful & speedy response. I followed the instructions for the uninstall và download, và it couldn"t have sầu been easier. Word even opened faster than before. Thanks for great service. I"m sure as more people upgrade to Office 2007, you"ll be hearing from lots of folks frustrated by not being able lớn perkhung tasks quickly as they did with Office 2003. Feel free lớn use my "testimonial" for your sale.


ecole.vn, I had been remaking the tool menus, what a pain, does MS know that you do not change something that already works great. Well, I found ecole.vn threw a Google tìm kiếm and installed your software, you don"t know how wonderful it is khổng lồ have sầu my customized toolbar baông xã after almost a year of their "NEW" look. All is fine now thanks to your staff at ecole.vn.

Thank you, Roy
*Microsoft và the Office hình ảnh sản phẩm are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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CNET Editors' Rating

If you find yourself spending way too much time trying khổng lồ locate frequently-used Microsoft Office commands through its newly designed interface, this program is for you... (www.Download.com is a website site of CNET)

- Reviewed by: CNET

...Sensing an opportunity, third-party software vendors have stepped in with products that either replace or enhance the new Ribbon interface in several Office 2007 applications... Classic Menu adds a tab filled with Office 2003 menus...

See more: Nên Mua Laptop Hp Hay Dell Hay Hp Thì Tốt? Nên Mua Laptop Dell Hay Hp Thì Tốt

- ComputerWorld

#10: Adding on a "classic" user interface... If you want, you can install a third-các buổi party add-on that gives you baông xã the old menu bar without sacrificing the new Ribbon. Classic Menu for Office 2007 installs easily...

- TechRepublic

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