ecole.vn proudly khổng lồ announce new server board Z9PA-D8 based on Intel® E5-2600 + C602 PCH platform. The board integrates versatile features into a compact 12”x10” kích cỡ which allows this board to lớn fit into ATX chassis. Through innovative và top-notch engineering design, this board is able to support dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors up to lớn 135W CPU. With adequately developed thermal solution in 1U rack mount, the system may tư vấn up khổng lồ 115W CPU.

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ATX case compatibleThe Z9PA-D8 hệ thống board tư vấn dual Intel® Xeon® hệ thống processors in a 12”x10” compact size with ATX foot print. User may easily acquire eco-system most mature và easy available ATX chassis other than proprietary special-made chassis further ensures kết thúc customers can benefit from up-to-date hệ thống technologies with affordable budget
Wide-range hãng sản xuất intel Xeon® processor E5-2600 tư vấn The Z9PA-D8 supports dual Intel® Xeon E5-2600 series CPUs with all-range including the tư vấn of advanced 135W CPU. System builders can choose between advanced, mainstream, và basic processors for all market segments. By supporting different processor and memory types, the Z9PA-D8 helps customer to lớn build up a wide range of servers & workstation builds lớn meet different price segment customer demand.
The Powerful PCI-E Expandability in 12”x10” form Factor & MIO-892 audio card support The Z9PA-D8 is the only 12”x10” size factor board available in the market to dual PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion slots. With the ecole.vn innovative Flex-E technology, the Z9PA-D8 vps boards intelligently split or aggregate the links to support up to lớn 4 true PCI Express 3.0 x8 slots or 2 x16 slots. With the exclusive chất lượng feature, the Z9PA-D8 may serve as a powerful vps board, or combines the 7.2 channel MIO-892 audio card becomes workstation.

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Easy khổng lồ Upgrade Multiple Storage Solutions with ecole.vn PIKEThe hãng ecole.vn optional PIKE provides multiple storage options, direct SAS/SATA RAID upgrades can be achieved via a unique slot — without sacrificing expansion capability. The Z9PA-D8 boosts the build-in PIKE slot with PCI-E Gen3 which ensures best bandwidth liên kết to process with low latency to support high performance storage devices over SAS/SATA 6Gb/s interface also ensure future SAS 12Gb/s PIKE thẻ has high uplink lớn host bandwidth.User can easily tăng cấp storage solution from entry-level khổng lồ high-end. For example, the entry PIKE 9230 RAID thẻ could expand 4 extra SATA 6Gb/s ports for entry-level needs while the latest PIKE 2208 RAID thẻ adopting LSI dual-core IO processor could tư vấn SAS 6Gb/s ports with outstanding performance for high I/O transaction demands of database & datacenter applications.
USB 3.0 supportedThe Z9PA-D8 is the first Dual Intel® E5-2600 server board with USB 3.0 support. The new USB 3.0 IO giải pháp công nghệ provides 10 times bandwidth compare to industrial mature USB 2.0.
Digital power nguồn SolutionAll-new digital CPU power controls work perfectly together to match digital nguồn signal (SVID) requests from the CPU, with ultra-fast sensing & response efficiently delivering precision power. Accurate delivery reduces waste, and provides more stable CPU Vcore voltages. The Z9PA-D8 voltage regulation manages up to lớn 90% peak nguồn efficiency, with 85%+ during most normal operation. This ensures high power nguồn efficiency for the entire system to help customers save more electrical bills.
Comprehensive vps Management Solution: ASMB6-iKVM và ASWM EnterpriseThe ASMB6-iKVM tăng cấp kit enables dashboard system health monitoring, remote power nguồn on/off và control, virtual truyền thông over LAN, and management LAN fail-over support. In addition, the ASMB6 function is based on BIOS-level access, so even if the vps operating system is down or offline, the KVM module can still provide round-the-clock remote monitoring & diagnosis through a user-friendly web-based graphical interface through all major browsers. ASWM Enterprise software provides one-to-multiple centralized management including BIOS flash, remote control, power nguồn control through a colorful, graphical, & informative interface.
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