Lỗi could not complete your request because of a program error


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If Photosiêu thị seems to be fighting you at every turn, và you keep getting told that it "could not complete your request because of a program error," here"s how khổng lồ fix some common problems to lớn help get it running smoothly again.

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Maybe it happened suddenly after an update, or perhaps it"s been happening for a while now. You go lớn open a file in Photosiêu thị, but instead, the program spits out an error that reads, "Photoshop could not complete your request because of a program error." If this sounds familiar, don"t worry — you"re hardly alone. As it turns out, plenty of users have noticed this problem cropping up in recent years.

One of the most frustrating parts of this error is that it is entirely nondescript, và doesn"t really tell the user anything. As it turns out, it can be caused by one — - or more — of several problems.

Conflicting settings & customizationsOutdated version of PhotoshopInsufficient GPU resourcesGPU instabilityCorrupted program files

The error can occur on any Mac but seems to happen more often on a Mac that runs macOS Catalimãng cầu or macOS Big Sur. This problem is also not quality to macOS, either — as it turns out, Windows users are suffering too.

For both Windows & macOS users, the error often occurs when users attempt khổng lồ create a new file or open an existing one. However, some users note that it has happened when performing certain functions in Photoshop, such as merging layers or applying filters, as well.

The problem is so comtháng, in fact, that many people have learned khổng lồ live with it, assuming that it"s just part of the way Photocửa hàng functions now.

You can tell things are back khổng lồ normal because Photoshop is giving me the "Could not complete request due khổng lồ a program error" message again

— Erik of the Web (

Fortunately, it doesn"t have sầu lớn be that way. For macOS users, we"re here khổng lồ show you some of the most common solutions lớn this problem, as well as explain what causes them.

If you see the issue crop up when you need lớn open or create a new tệp tin, restarting your Mac should be enough khổng lồ solve sầu the problem, albeit temporarily. This is only a quichồng fix, và when you get a chance, you should take the time khổng lồ try some of the solutions listed below.

Below are several fixes that could eliminate the problem, especially if you"re running an older machine.

Chances are, you probably already know if you meet the minimum requirements for Photoshop or not, but it never hurts khổng lồ make sure.

ProcessorIntel processor with 64-bit support; 2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2 or laterSame as minimum
Operating SystemmacOS Mojave sầu (version 10.14) or latermacOS Big Sur (version 11)macOS Catalina (version 10.15)
RAM8 GB16 GB or more
Graphics CardGPU with Metal support2 GB of GPU memoryGPU with Metal support4 GB of GPU memory for 4k displays & greater
Hard disk Space4 GB of available hard-disk space; additional space is required for installationSame as minimum

Adobe Photosiêu thị can be a bit fickle, và one of the best ways you can keep it running smoothly is lớn make sure that you are running the most current version of Adobe Photoshop. The easiest way to lớn bởi vì that is lớn utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud ứng dụng, which you likely have used to install Adobe Photosiêu thị.

Cthua trận Photoshopmở cửa Adobe Creative CloudIn the sidebar, cliông chồng All AppsVerify that Photoshop is up khổng lồ dateIf it isn"t, cliông chồng UpdateRestart your Mac

The Generator plugin allows users khổng lồ create image assets in real-time as you work, avoiding the need lớn copy, slice, & export each layer manually. Unfortunately, sometimes the Generator can cause Photosiêu thị to lớn behave erratically, especially on systems with older GPUs.


Open PhotoshopIn the top menu bar, clichồng PhotoshopCliông xã PreferencesClichồng Plug-InsUncheck Enable GeneratorClick OKRestart Photoshop

If you"ve changed your Cache levels in Photosiêu thị, you may have sầu put undue strain on your graphics processor — most notably if your Cabít is set lớn 1. Resetting them to the mặc định can help eliminate issues.


xuất hiện PhotoshopClichồng Photoshop in the top thực đơn barClichồng PreferencesCliông chồng PerformanceSet Cađậy Levels khổng lồ 4Clichồng OKRestart Photoshop

GPU acceleration can make Photocửa hàng run better on newer systems, but when enabled on older systems can cause instability, preventing the program from creating or opening new files.


xuất hiện PhotoshopClichồng Photoshop in the top thực đơn barCliông chồng PreferencesCliông xã PerformanceUncheck Use Graphics ProcessorClichồng OKRestart Photoshop

If this fixes the problem, you may be able to lớn re-enable GPU acceleration & use a less intense drawing mode, which allows you lớn take advantage of GPU acceleration but is not as physically demanding on your system.

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mở cửa PhotoshopIn the top thực đơn bar, cliông xã PhotoshopCliông chồng PreferencesCliông chồng PerformanceChechồng Use Graphics ProcessorCliông xã Advanced SettingsIn the dropbox that appears, select Basic or Normal, and then cliông xã OKCliông xã OKRestart Photoshop

The easiest and most effective way to lớn remix Photoshop"s preferences is khổng lồ remove the user preference folders và force Photocửa hàng to lớn recreate them upon the next launch. This will rephối your preferences, which may be annoying, but is likely to fix any user-error-caused issues.


Quit Photoshopxuất hiện FinderIn the top menu bar, cliông xã GoCliông chồng LibraryNavigate và enter the folder named PreferencesLocate all labeled Photocửa hàng SettingsDrag these folders khổng lồ your Desktop, if you wish to lớn baông xã them up, or the Trash if you decide not toRestart your MacOpen Photoshop

There are a couple of uncomtháng situations that we"d lượt thích to address in this tip as well. This includes those who have sầu kept the same install across the 32-bit lớn 64-bit change introduced with macOS Catalina và those running pre-Creative Suite versions of Adobe Photoshop.

If you haven"t reinstalled Photosiêu thị since switching from Mojave khổng lồ Catalimãng cầu or Big Sur, you may be able khổng lồ save yourself plenty of problems by simply deleting & reinstalling Photocửa hàng. As it turns out, the jump from one operating system to lớn the next can cause some settings issues. If you"ve got the time & effort to lớn vị this, it may be worth trying out first.

If you are running Photosiêu thị CS6 or earlier, odds are, there"s not much to lớn be done for your program. Photoshop CS6 was released in 2012 & was sunmix in năm nhâm thìn. Photosiêu thị CS6 is a 32-bit program, so anyone running any macOS operating system from Catalimãng cầu forward wouldn"t be able to lớn use it anyway. There have been some savvy macOS Mojave sầu users that have managed lớn install and keep Photocửa hàng CS6 running on their machines, though, so it is possible — at least for now.

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