How to change visual studio 2012,2013 or 2015 license key?

I have a Copy of Visual Studio 2012 Pro on my machine with a Serial key that i"m no longer suppose to use because i have sầu khổng lồ use another one. My problem is i keep Uninstalling Visual studio but the Registration information is still there after re-install and i cannot figure out which registry path i have lớn delete (i deleted a few) with no luchồng.

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Is there a easy way khổng lồ remove tha reg info or swap my keys?




I had the same problem và wanted khổng lồ change the hàng hóa key khổng lồ another. Unfortunate it"s not as easy as it was on VS2010.

The following steps work:

Remove sầu the registry key containing the license information:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLicenses77550D6B-6352-4E77-9DA3-537419DF564B

After you remove this key, VS2012 will tell you that it"s license information is incorrect. Go to "Programs and features" & repair VS2012.

After the repair, VS2012 is reverted to lớn a 30 day trial and you can enter a new product key. This could also be used khổng lồ stay in a trial version loop and never enter a producy key.

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For those who will need khổng lồ remove sầu sản phẩm key from Visual Studio 2015:

remove registry key HKCRLicenses4D8CFBCB-2F6A-4AD2-BABF-10E28F6F2C8Frepair Visual Studio installation

That"s it, now you can change the product key if necessary.

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For me, with Visual Studio 2013, it wasn"t enough lớn remove the license key and perform a repair (the repair restored the license key instead of reverting to lớn a trial, & running it without the repair (after deleting the key) claimed the license had expired but wouldn"t let me enter a new key).

I had to:

Discover what license key Visual Studio was looking for in the registry with Process Monitor (it was HKCRLicensesE79B3F9C-6543-4897-BBA5-5BFB0A02BB5C)Completely uninstall Visual Studio 2013 (save CurrentSettings.vssettings first)Delete the license key from the registry by h& in regeditInstall Visual Studio using the publicly available web installer (which doesn"t have any baked-in license key -- it installs a 30-day trial)Enter my new license key(Re-)install updates (Update 1 at this time)Restore settings by importing the backup I made of CurrentSettings.vssettings
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For those of you using Visual Studio 2017 Professional, the registry key is:


I also recommkết thúc you first export the registry key, before you delete it, so you"ll have sầu a backup if you accidentally delete the wrong key.

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To see what"s inside these HKCRLicenses useAPI Monitor v2

API-Filter find RegQueryValueExW ^-Enable all from Advapi32.dll CryptUnprotectData ^- Enable all from Crypt32.dll + Breakpoint / after Callsample data that"ll come out from CryptUnprotectData:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLicenses4D8CFBCB-2F6A-4AD2-BABF-10E28F6F2C8F7078 00322-20000-00000-AA450 Useful here is maybe the Installation timestamp (11.10.năm ngoái here )Change this would required lớn Hotline "CryptProtectData". Doing so needs some efforts like written a small program OR stop with ollydebug at this place & manually "crafting" a CryptProtectData Hotline ...

-> For a quick"n"dirty sneak into an expired VS I recommkết thúc khổng lồ read this post. However that"s just good for occasional use, till you get all the sign up và login crap properly done again ;)

Okay the real meat is here:%LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftVisualStudio14.0Licenses ^- This path comes from HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftVisualStudio14.0Licenses715f10eb-9e99-11d2-bfc2-00c04f9902351


-after some Base64 decoding: