Finding and claiming product keys in visual studio subscriptions

I have sầu a Copy of Visual Studio 2012 Pro on my machine with a Serial key that i"m no longer suppose to lớn use because i have sầu to use another one. My problem is i keep Uninstalling Visual studio but the Registration information is still there after re-install và i cannot figure out which registry path i have sầu to lớn delete (i deleted a few) with no luchồng.

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Is there a easy way khổng lồ remove tha reg info or swap my keys?




I had the same problem và wanted lớn change the sản phẩm key to another. Unfortunate it"s not as easy as it was on VS2010.

The following steps work:

Remove the registry key containing the license information:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLicenses77550D6B-6352-4E77-9DA3-537419DF564B

After you remove sầu this key, VS2012 will tell you that it"s license information is incorrect. Go to lớn "Programs and features" & repair VS2012.

After the repair, VS2012 is reverted lớn a 30 day trial & you can enter a new sản phẩm key. This could also be used lớn stay in a trial version loop & never enter a producy key.

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For those who will need lớn remove hàng hóa key from Visual Studio 2015:

remove registry key HKCRLicenses4D8CFBCB-2F6A-4AD2-BABF-10E28F6F2C8Frepair Visual Studio installation

That"s it, now you can change the sản phẩm key if necessary.

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For me, with Visual Studio 2013, it wasn"t enough to remove sầu the license key và persize a repair (the repair restored the license key instead of reverting lớn a trial, and running it without the repair (after deleting the key) claimed the license had expired but wouldn"t let me enter a new key).

I had to:

Discover what license key Visual Studio was looking for in the registry with Process Monitor (it was HKCRLicensesE79B3F9C-6543-4897-BBA5-5BFB0A02BB5C)Completely uninstall Visual Studio 2013 (save sầu CurrentSettings.vssettings first)Delete the license key from the registry by hand in regeditInstall Visual Studio using the publicly available website installer (which doesn"t have any baked-in license key -- it installs a 30-day trial)Enter my new license key(Re-)install updates (Update 1 at this time)Restore settings by importing the backup I made of CurrentSettings.vssettings
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For those of you using Visual Studio 2017 Professional, the registry key is:


I also recommkết thúc you first export the registry key, before you delete it, so you"ll have sầu a backup if you accidentally delete the wrong key.

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To see what"s inside these HKCRLicenses useAPI Monitor v2

API-Filter find RegQueryValueExW ^-Enable all from Advapi32.dll CryptUnprotectData ^- Enable all from Crypt32.dll + Breakpoint / after Callsample data that"ll come out from CryptUnprotectData:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLicenses4D8CFBCB-2F6A-4AD2-BABF-10E28F6F2C8F7078 00322-20000-00000-AA450 Useful here is maybe the Installation timestamp (11.10.2015 here )Change this would required to gọi "CryptProtectData". Doing so needs some efforts lượt thích written a small program OR stop with ollydebug at this place & manually "crafting" a CryptProtectData hotline ...

-> For a quick"n"dirty sneak into an expired VS I recommover to read this post. However that"s just good for occasional use, till you get all the sign up và login crap properly done again ;)

Okay the real meat is here:%LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftVisualStudio14.0Licenses ^- This path comes from HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftVisualStudio14.0Licenses715f10eb-9e99-11d2-bfc2-00c04f9902351


-after some Base64 decoding: