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Iobit Advanced SystemCare is a không tính tiền computer cleaning software for Windows PC. It is designed khổng lồ optimize PC, clean system junk, fix registry errors, update system drivers, uninstall unwanted programs, protect privacy, manage startup, and improve sầu mạng internet tốc độ.

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Download Iobit Advanced System Care lademo version of this PC cleaner supports Windows 10, 7, và 8 both 32-bit & 64-bit OS. Although its không lấy phí version has the basic tool that users may want its pro version is also available.

You need lớn buy a pro license key which consists of the serial number to lớn activate the advanced system care pro version.


Downlaod Iobit Advanced SystemCare for PC 2021

If you have tried upgrading PC or laptops due lớn their slow performance thentải về Iobit Advanced SystemCare miễn phí version. With this tool tải về and install on your PC, you don’t need lớn nâng cấp RAM, SSD, or HDD to improve sầu PC performance.

This tool can instantly tốc độ up your computer speed by removing junk, fixing registry errors, & managing startup programs. After it’s through scan you will feel a significant change in your computer performance.

Protect Privacy in Windows 10 PC

It’s very essential to lớn take solid measures in protecting your privacy. These days hackers are preying on those users who don’t have sầu much insight inlớn the network or the internet.

The lademo version of this PC cleaner has enhanced privacy protection. It can erase traces for more than 200 programs including web browsers data in one go.

You can manually add any program or tệp tin in the bloông xã các mục to block any suspicious activity. Plus it supports all the popular website browsers for Windows. With this tool, you can remove cookies, saved passwords, & bookmarks.

Significantly Increase Internet Speed

Even if you have sầu a high bandwidth mạng internet connection you will still face slow mạng internet tốc độ issues. The low internet tốc độ directly affects your working output especially these days when you are working from trang chính.

This tool has a free mạng internet booster feature that increases your internet speed by taking advantage of your maximum network bandwidth with just one clichồng.

Easily Accessible Users Interface

You can download the Iobit Advanced SystemCare for không lấy phí and the pro version, both have modern look. By default, it’s available in black shade but you can also change its main panel color into lớn xanh or purple.

You can easily find buttons due to lớn their good placement. However, if you don’t buy the SystemCare pro activation key you might be annoyed with ads that it plays in the không tính tiền version.

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The tool is very easy khổng lồ use with all the main buttons placed on the top. Just click on any of them to kiểm tra how it performs.

The most amazing and most used feature is the Care button, click on it and it will quickly scan your whole computer và present you a complete các mục of junk files, such as system logs, temporary files, image caches, & updates caches. Simply cliông xã on the remove buttons lớn get rid of junk files from Windows PC.

Reliable Software Updater For Windows 10

Outdated system drivers và software are the main cause of many Windows PC problems. If you update them regularly you can prsự kiện many problems i.e. high CPU or memory usage issues. The Iobit advance SystemCare has a software updater option but lớn activate this feature you need to lớn buy its pro license key.

Its software updater tool performs even better, you don’t need khổng lồ manually kiểm tra outdated tools và update them. Instead, this tool will automatically update any outdated software on your PC.

24/7 Tech Support

This freePC optimizerdoesn’t have sầu any bug-related issue nor it crashes your system. Still, if you encounter any problem while using this Windows registry cleaner you can contact their tech support.

Even if you use its miễn phí version the developers will give sầu you an instant answer khổng lồ solve any problem.

Removes Malware from PC

Another amazing feature is its malware fighter tool that is included in this PC cleaner. With just a single cliông chồng you can tải về the Iobit malware fighter tool on your PC & remove any malware or vi khuẩn. You don’t need to lớn tải về antivirus removal software separately to remove viruses from Windows 10 PC when you have system care installed on your PC.

Alternate PC Cleaner Tools

There are many PC optimizations and cleaning software for Windows PC i.eGlary utilities,CCleaner,AVG PC Tuneup. But if you are looking for an optimization tool that has a more modern interface then you won’t find better software than Advanced SystemCare. If you are tired of seeing ads then you can opt for glary utilities.

If your requirement is simply cleaning computer junk và registry fixes then tải về Ccleaner.

You Should Download Advanced SystemCare Pro

The Iobit advanced system Care is a comprehensive PC optimization and cleaning tool. It doesn’t have any malware, adware attached lớn the main tệp tin so it’s safe khổng lồ use. The only downfall is that duringregistry defragit accidentally removes important operating system files. So be careful while selecting various available processes.