Advanced systemcare pro 12


Get Your System Optimized và Speed Up Your PC to lớn 200% FasterProtect the Browser against Online Tracking & Cryptomining in Real Time

không tính phí Download V12.0 RC | 36.1 MB Supports Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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Privacy Shield

Have you ever lost the computer files or found the files modified by others? Advanced SystemCare 12 RC helps to lớn protect your important data efficiently. The newly-added Privacy Shield prevents sensitive personal & business data from unauthorized access. Sensitive data in browser, contacts, OneDrive và Dropbox data can be well protected. Also, this new feature can help block unauthorized programs’ accessing sensitive data and inform you immediately once sensitive data access is detected or unauthorized programs are blocked.


Digital Fingerprint Cleaning

Users are likely lớn leave some digital fingerprint due khổng lồ their personal preference. Besides bringing convenience lớn your surfing, these digital fingerprints can be used by some malicious websites khổng lồ track your private data & push some ads. Browser Anti-Tracking will automatically clear your digital fingerprint & browsing data, which prevents the computer from online tracking, phishing sites, malicious ads và helps khổng lồ clear the browsing history.

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Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining

To prevent cryptojacking and make an ads-free environment for users, Advanced SystemCare 12 RC gives fully tư vấn to Chrome, FireFox, Edge & Internet Explorer and the newly-added Microsoft Edge. As the database has increased by 40%, Advanced SystemCare 12 RC can block more items & threats, including cryptocurrency mining sites & harmful pop-ups.


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Deeper PC Optimization

Piles of useless junk files slow down the speed of the PCs, especially those old ones. With Advanced SystemCare 12 RC, you can get your computer cleaned and optimized easily. It can scan và clean more useless files in your system, including junk files, private data, registry files, unused downloads, Windows 10 icons và Office caching, thus making your PC run 200% faster.

Download now khổng lồ make a system slimming



Internet Boost

More accurate mạng internet speed test và up khổng lồ 300% faster surfing


Homepage Advisor

Improved identification of your homepage and tìm kiếm engine


Performance Monitor

Smarter lớn remember your last setting & reduce system resource occupation


Crafted UI

More công nghệ style interface và simplified operation steps

Advanced SystemCare 12RC

Give Energy to Your Slow System & Make it Run Faster Protect Your Important Privacy against Any Unauthorized Access

không tính tiền Download V12.0 RC | 36.1 MB Supports Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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