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This key for Iobit Uninstaller Pro, in itself is universal and is intended only for this program, và for any other program. You are activating the key to lớn you without any problems. this program And you will use it without problems.

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Iobit Uninstaller is an efficient system utility that provides fast way Remove Windows applications, browser toolbars, software packages & plug-ins. It comes with a powerful scanning function and a forced removal tool that helps easily & completely remove stubborn applications và unnecessary garbageTo không lấy phí an additional disk space.

It removes malicious browser plugins, icons on the toolbar & embedded programs khổng lồ provide you with secure & trouble-free online surfing. Thanks khổng lồ advanced technologies và an extended iObit Uninstaller database, it can help you completely and safely delete applications.

It also comes with useful toolswhich can traông xã the malicious browser plugins in real time. It provides a faster viewing speed và safer online environment. Iobit Uninstaller can also delete standard windows Apps 10.

Key features of Iobit Uninstaller Pro:

Standard & advanced removal tools.Forced removal tool.Batch removal function.Journal manager.Cleaning garbage.Startup manager.Process monitor.

The utility contains some additional tools Windows, including autorun and task dispatchers that allow you lớn delete applications from windows autorun.. It can also complete the current processes. In addition, the built-in cleaning utility was designed lớn search và remove invalid labels, cađậy windows fixes And useless downloads from the mặc định tải về folders in various web browsers và download managers.

With the advent of Iobit Uninstaller version 8, the package also pays great attention to the removal of complete software & complete plug-ins, tracking the installation of real-time software, allowing users lớn easily và fully detect và delete installed complete programs and complete plugins.

With the help of the newly added Software Updater also easily và simply maintain important programs up lớn date. Moreover, thanks to lớn the enhanced scanning module và the functions of the forced deletion, all residues can be completely removed from your computer, just as they never installed on your computer.

In general, Iobit Uninstaller is an excellent utility for không tính phí phầm mềm. It has several really good options for professionals wrapped in an attractive sầu, well-structured and intuitive interface. Starting processes practically does not consume processor resources and random access memory, and the application is relatively easy.

Current key for Iobit Uninstaller Pro 8.1:


Iobit Uninstaller Pro Portable

If the above-above key does not suit you, you can download the portable version of Iobit Uninstaller Pro

Features Version:

The ability to lớn select the installation type: full-fledged program installation, or the start of the portable versionDoes not require key và registrationRemoved promotional inserts, & other garbage characteristic of programs from IobitSelective installation IOBIT UNINSTALLER SERVICEAbility lớn integrate the program in the context thực đơn of the conductorMultilingual interface (including Russian)Reads custom Main.ini settings tệp tin (if you are next to the installer)

ATTENTION!!! If you receive a reboot message when you try to lớn install on top of the previous / current version or error when you delete the program, you first delete the Version.dll tệp tin lớn its folder (Costs "treatment").

Also, the Version.dll file is better to add antiviruses to exclude and / or Windows Defender

"Quiet" (automatic) Installation is possible with keys / Silent or / VerySilent (or Silent Installation File. CMD) For "quiet" installation portable version Additional key / portable u003d 1 (or "unpacking portable.cmd" file)

Iobit Uninstaller 9 Helps easy lớn delete unnecessary programs And the browser toolpins / panels even in the sự kiện of a "Installation and Delete Programs" failure in Windows. The newly added application module helps you remove sầu even pre-installed Win8 applications. Powerful Scan not only removes applications using the built-in removal of programs, but also scans and removes all residues. Moreover, even deleting, not executed by Iobit Uninstaller, can automatically Điện thoại tư vấn Powerful Scan to remove balances in this version. For the stability of the Iobit Uninstaller system, it still creates a system recovery point before each removal và provides better control of the system recovery point.


Clean và stable PCOver time, your computer will easily slow down after accumulation in the registry too large number Removal residues. But now users can quickly delete programs và all remnants with one clichồng on Iobit Uninstaller và you will get a cleaner, fast and stable computer. In addition, Iobit Uninstaller can also delete programs & pre-installed applications in Windows 10.

Faster & safe viewingSome malicious plugins, toolbar và unwanted implemented programs will be installed in browsers without any notice that will upphối you by reducing the speed of your surfing & irritating the pop-up windows with advertising. Improved removal of the toolbar and plug-ins will traông xã & remove all of these useless programs và will give sầu you a quick and clean online surfing experience. And the recently improved removal of chrome plug-ins can remove sầu the plugins that are not installed through the Chrome store.

Powerful and safe uninstallationMany stubborn programs cannot be deleted or removed completely simple way. Iobit Uninstaller can power them & remove all residues, including the registry & directory of files of some stubborn antivirut software. Iobit Uninstaller will continue an unfinished removal process caused by rebooting the system, & it can also create a system recovery point before each uninstallation in case of unforeseen situations.

More powerful toolsSometimes users forget to delete residues after deleting, and new tools in Iobit Uninstaller can help them continue the powerful scanning of programs in the removal history, as well as clean other useless packages of updates / installations, invalid labels, etc. Download Ibot Uninstaller 8, and you can It is easy to lớn find in it even the basic Windows tools.

To activate the program, you will need license key Activation forIobit Uninstaller 9.3 Pro for 2019 - 2020You will find below (or in the comments):

Iobit is a large company engaged in the production of narrow-controlled software. The main purpose is lớn improve sầu the system. It is done different ways - From registry cleansing, before optimizing the order order. One of these tools is the Iobit Uninstaller.

The main functions of the utility

Program"s main purpose - removal unnecessary applications. The function duplicates a similar system utility, but there is a difference. It lies in ease of access and convenience interface. "Installation và Delete Programs" in Windows can be opened for several transitions. Run Iobit Uninstaller 7.5 can be with one click.

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The difference lies not only in the number of clicks. Iminstaller is able khổng lồ clean the additions of browsers and even delete system elements that otherwise cannot be removed. For example, delete built-in Windows 10 Bubble Witch 3 SAGA or Calculator.

In the lakiểm tra version also appeared browser Protection Options (similar to the addition of many antiviruses) & " Removing stubborn programs" But remove sầu the program, the installation of which is reduced lớn directly downloading the uninstaller cannot. Because with such utilities (most often it is unlicensed copies of old games) there is no need to lớn register in the registry.

Iobit Uninstaller interface

Iobit Uninstaller has an intuitive interface. If necessary, it is easily & quickly mastered thanks khổng lồ a simple và non-overloaded interface. There are settings và several tabs: programs, toolbars, Windows applications and actions center. Let us dwell on the items in Read more:


From the settings, only the language switching và "recovery" should be noted. Language switches for convenience - there are packages of most Slavic languages. Button " Restore"Opens the recovery points of the system. You can create or roll baông chồng khổng lồ the specified one, as is done in Windows Recovery.


To remove sầu an thành quả, it is highlighted with the left mouse button. Then the big button is pressed. Delete»Or basket inhỏ. The action is confirmed & Uninstaller deletes the selected component or starts the uninstallator of the application itself.


Differences of paid & không lấy phí versions

List of differences between full & không tính phí version Includes about 15 points. Not all of these features are really important. From the entire danh sách it should be noted only:

Improved algorithm Check and cleaning "residues". This tool allows you to lớn find applications, remote incorrect và save the system from their presence. For example, cleaner registry entries that have sầu not been deleted. Especially useful with Adobe & Corel products.Interface extensions. You can use the sight lớn highlight programs on the desktop, after which the uninstaller will be launched. Conveniently when the computer has many utilities, và it is not convenient to lớn tìm kiếm for them in the standard các mục.

In general, even a portable version has sufficient functionality lớn cope with the task of cleaning the system from obsolete garbage.

Downloading Iobit Uninstaller

Download Iobit Uninstaller 7.5 Pro Officially, as of 2018/2019, it is already impossible, including no longer getting a license key. Of course, it can be found on pirated resources, but this is not the best solution - too many foreign applications, sometimes viruses are installed with the necessary. On the developer"s trang web you can buy or just download more new version With licensed activation code.

A number of new features have been added lớn it that simplifies work for the user. For example, delete programs that are prescribed in ~ Programm Data or packages from multiple applications.

System utility Iobit Uninstaller Pro. Designed for powerful removal of programs with subsequent cleaning of their residues. The attached license key will turn its version in Pro and exp& the intellectual abilities of the kernel.

Standard windows tool To delete programs, it does not always completely deduct its remnants, there are records in the registry, temporary files & folders. To erase all this garbage you have lớn use the uninstaller. This is a special utility that is looking for all traces in the registry and on the disks that the program poned as a result of its activities.

Iobit Uninstaller 20trăng tròn và activation key

When you use last version Iobit Uninstaller, then after standard uninstalling the application, another powerful scan is launched, which is looking for elements belonging lớn hlặng & offers khổng lồ remove sầu them. Thus, it is possible khổng lồ increase the amount of không tính phí space on the computer & make it a better job.

Iobit Uninstaller 9 Pro Activation Code

How to remove Iobit Uninstaller?

In order to lớn delete the iobit Uninstaller, you must go khổng lồ the Windows control panel, go to lớn the program deletion section, become the cursor on the desired tác phẩm and click the Delete button. To the question "Are You Sure Want to lớn Uninstall Iobit Uninstaller" reply Yes & wait about one minute.

This tool will help users completely delete software installed On your computer. On our project there are many such applications in lately, so it is quite possible khổng lồ chạy thử this tool, the more he does not require money from us with you, & the developer is known, in any case, try download Iobit Uninstaller From our site, go to lớn full news và cliông xã at the right place.

The interface is quite convenient, there is Russian support, after starting the right in the corner you have to lớn cliông xã on the inscription & configure the language parameters. This version Portable, does not require installation, can be transferred on the drive. Iobit Uninstaller can delete programs that bởi vì not want to vị through the standard tool from Windows, such problems are sometimes there, therefore, a completely relevant possibility. Please note that there is a batch mode of operation, that is, you simply highlight the programs with checkmarks that you want to lớn delete, then you start the process và the packet deletion procedure will begin, you can simply move themselves và not worry about it.

Iobit Uninstaller utility can scan system folders, the registry, finds everywhere files & records that remain after standard removal And closures these very files & keys. In addition lớn deleting applications, you can delete and installed in the toolbara browser, you can view recently installed programs, you can view the menu of programs that occupy a lot of space, although how Fraps got there I don"t know, her weight was 3 GB - very strange. You can view programs rarely used, there is also a các mục. installed updates Windows.

No settings as such in Iobit Uninstaller, you can only choose Russian support, we forget about the rest, well, in Tray, the program knows how to roll. Especially lớn tell about this tool nothing is convenient - simple - pleasant - không tính phí & so on. It remains to try in action, I somehow used it in fact, I don"t know how well everything was good, but kesty was hope that everything is in order.

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Developer: Iobit. License: Freeware / Shareware Language: Multi + Russian The size: 20 + 21 MB OS.: Windows Download.