ID-Cooling"s SE-224-XT Blaông xã CPU cooler offers a hell of a lot for the very reasonable asking price. It"s one khổng lồ consider.

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As the middle chapter of a three-part air cooling sage of CPU coolers from ID-Cooling, we are looking at the larger brother of the SE-914-XT Basic we looked at last, but with our lachạy thử sample, we have taken a step up! By that, we mean that the CPU cooler in this Đánh Giá does not come with the title of Basic, but has been replaced with a color designation. There is a Basic version of the cooler we are looking at, but it is one of a family of ten coolers that tóm tắt the majority of the name with what we have sầu in our hands right now!

While it is hard to lớn wrap our head around a company making money with so many coolers under the same name, we have sầu to lớn give it khổng lồ ID-Cooling for ensuring they will have at least one version of this tower cooler that you will like, even if based on aesthetic changes throughout the line.

Much of what ID-Cooling would feature about this tower is similar to lớn what we found in the SE-914-XT hàng hóa page contents, but sadly, their overxem trang is currently broken for this specific cooler. We then went lớn the page for the white version and found most of what we needed. There it talks about the four heat pipes in the cooler, a 120mm PWM bạn, a plastic cover for the top of the fin staông xã, high-density fin stachồng, HDT 3.0, its low noise during use, và its memory compatibility with many of the most current socket motherboards, và finished things off with a mention khổng lồ how easy the cooler is khổng lồ install. However, with the White version of this cooler, it lacks the coating applied to lớn all of the parts that the Blaông xã version has, but we found no mention of whether it was ceramic-based or just plain paint.

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The cooler we are ready to get to lớn testing is the SE-224-XT Blaông xã. Knowing what we vày about the hardware, the new base công nghệ, & what we should expect from the SE series of coolers, we feel that this CPU cooler from ID-Cooling may have what it takes to be impressive this time! Considering this tower"s dissipation area & the fact that a larger, more powerful người was chosen, it has potential written all over it. While we may not have sầu been especially keen on what we found in the SE-914-XT Basic, it is the SE-224-XT Blaông xã that has us liking ID-Cooling air coolers, và let us show you why!

When companies present them well, we go ahead và borrow the specifications from ID-Cooling"s hàng hóa page for the SE-224-XT Blaông xã. We initially run into lớn the compatibility in the chart, which covers LGA115X/1200 và LGA2011/2066 for Hãng Intel, but only AM4 for AMD users. With more cooler in h&, the TDPhường. has been raised to 180W this time around. Dimensionally, the tower stands 154mm tall, it is 120milimet wide, & with the người strapped on the tower, it is 73mm in thickness. All told, the SE-224-XT Blaông xã weighs in at 810 grams và offers construction made of copper for the four, 6milimet diameter, copper heat pipes, and aluminum for the base and the forty-six fins.

The task of blowing the heat out of the aluminum fins is the ID-12025M12S, a 120mm người. Fan speed has a wide range, with 700 RPM shown as the bottom end, but there is a notation of plus or minus up to lớn 200 RPM on that figure. The top end of the speed spectrum is 1800 RPM but again comes with the note that it could be anywhere from 17trăng tròn khổng lồ 1980 RPM. This người can deliver 76.16 CFM of airflow at its maximum tốc độ, with the pressure rated at 2.16 mmH2O. Noise is shown to top out at 32.5 dB(A), which is quite a bit of noise for a "silent" cooler. Using anything from 10.8 to lớn 13.2 VDC lớn power the bạn via its 4-pin PWM connector, it draws 0.2A & 2.4W while spinning at full tốc độ on the hydraulic bearing.

With all of the "better things" that we see in the SE-224-XT Blachồng cooler, we expect the price lớn be quite a bit more than the $24.99 of the previously reviewed counterpart. Finding ourselves in a bit of shochồng when we located the cooler on Amazon, we see that the MSRPhường is set lớn just $29.99! However, we also know that it is currently on sale with a 15% discount right now, dropping the cost lớn an astounding $25.49! While many may miss the deal by the time this goes live, we will base all following opinions on the MSRPhường, which is still impressive sầu for the cooler ID-Cooling provides us!