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Royal Revolt 2, the highly anticipated sequel to lớn flaregame’s well-received 2018 release, has made quite a name for itself; it has been given the recognition of “Best of Apple App Store 2018”, while taking the “Editor’s Choice” award in both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. Royal Revolt 2 is a fast-paced action/strategy game in which you raid the castles of your enemies, while strengthening your own defenses and building an efficient workforce lớn power the engines of war. There’s definitely a reason behind the enormous success of this beast of a game, & it’s not that hard lớn see why hundreds of thousands of gamers have sầu given this game a 5 star rating: innovative sầu game-play, beautiful animations, a unique soundtrack… Take your pichồng. While this game is absolutely engaging and fun on the outside, studying the game in depth to learn the inner workings và secrets of the game will give sầu you an unbeatable edge over your opponents, và a thrill lượt thích none other.

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Strategy, Tips, & Secrets to lớn Victory

When you’ve sầu only just downloaded this game, you start out with raiding castles to learn the basics of the combat system. You are thrust inlớn the shoes of a king, leading your forces in a spearheaded attaông xã against the walls of an enemy fortress. Your character has 3 main actions at his disposal: movement, the basic Stormhammer ability, & the power khổng lồ call forth knights at will (provided you have enough “energy” in the bottom indicator on your screen). When you aren’t using one of your abilities, the default action of your king is to lớn attaông xã whatever is closest to lớn you at the time; your basic melee attack is very weak as a standalone attachồng, so it is crucial to lớn capitalize on your other abilities khổng lồ the fullest extent. Here are some quiông chồng pointers khổng lồ make it past your first few minutes inkhổng lồ the game:

Make sure lớn continually summon knights whenever the energy is available; you don’t win battles by saving resources, but rather by using them to crush your opponents.

Use Stormhammer to lớn vanquish larger groups of enemies or lớn topple svào defenses, rather than using it to defeat a single enemy in the field. There is a long recharge time on your abilities, so you may as well use them at optimal times.

Make sure khổng lồ utilize your “Heal” spell, but keep in mind that the healing buff stays in the place you’ve sầu summoned it, & doesn’t follow your character!


When facing a defensive sầu tower và an obstacle of some sort that are cthất bại together, try khổng lồ take out the tower first lớn reduce the total damage taken by your knights.

Once you manage lớn complete the tutorial mission, you gain access khổng lồ the most important part of the game: the town within the walls of your castle. It’s OK to lớn ignore the town and simply go on rsida all the time, but only if you’re content with being an average player at best. That being said, the biggest secret lớn your future success in Royal Revolt 2 will be your knowledge of the layout of your town, và the efficiency at which it is thriving. Here are some strategic secrets for optimizing your town efficiency:

Memorize the physical locations of separate buildings in your town (taverns, farms, workshops, etc). If you know exactly where every building is, you will be able to lớn utilize your builders more efficiently, nâng cấp units & defensive sầu structures faster, và spkết thúc less time in town that could be spent in battle!

Taverns earn gold for you while you’re idle or away on a mission; make sure to build them all, and tăng cấp them as much as you can. You have sầu to spkết thúc money to make money, so starting sooner rather than later will earn you some massive payouts in the long term.

Make sure lớn look out for tasks that earn you rewards upon completion. Gems earned from these tasks are very valuable if you don’t want lớn spend money, so keep an eye on the rewards inhỏ.


The best place to build defensive towers would be both behind and just in front of barriers, and on either side of your castle gates. With this placement, enemy knights will become distracted, thảm bại time, & also take damage.

While building defensive sầu structures outside of your castle, you can always thử nghiệm your thiết đặt by scrolling lớn the tent at the bottom of the path to lớn your castle; there is an option lớn play through your path of defensive structures khổng lồ personally test the integrity of your defenses.

Once again, I would like lớn emphaform size that you will chiến bại battles before you even begin them if you don’t have an efficient town. Another downside khổng lồ neglecting your town would be a lack of “food” which is necessary khổng lồ go on rsida in the first place.

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Overall Game Review

Royal Revolt 2 is a fun little game that is perfect for whenever you have time to lớn kill, but it’s an online game, so turn on that 3G if you plan on playing in the dentist’s waiting room, for example. At first, this game seemed slightly confusing & kind of “over the top” as far as the extra little animations go, but now, I’ve become a fikết thúc for the game, looking to earn every extra gem, và smack down every castle gate, all for the glint of gold.

The individual buttons on the GUI were hard lớn press at times (larger device owners may have sầu an easier time with this), but this wasn’t problematic enough khổng lồ turn me off from the game. I enjoy the fact that I can tăng cấp my units or spells, và I think the concept of a quichồng, one-minute raid is a quite refreshing idea, & definitely new khổng lồ my experience in di động gaming. Because of this interesting take on combat mechanics, users now have the option lớn piông xã up and play this game any time, & will be able to ‘leave it for later” at any time, all without worrying about leaving the game at a crucial time without saving. As far as I’ve sầu seen, this game is ad-không tính tiền, but it does have sầu IAPhường. (in-tiện ích purchases) for extra gems, which gives speed to construction & purchases gold.


Royal Revolt 2 Ratings

Artwork- The artwork has obviously been perfected và polished until it looked exactly how the developers wanted it to look, but a little more definition would be nice. I would rate the artwork as a 8/10.

Music/SFX- While the soundtrachồng is somewhat enjoyable & the SFX aren’t overly annoying, the auditory experience from this game is lackluster. There’s nothing to lớn set apart this game’s sound effects & soundtrack from other games, so I will give it a 5/10.

Story/Originality– There is not much story involved in the backstory to lớn this game, which I think is a shame; I think there was plenty of opportunity lớn make a storyline that would fit with this game. I vày like the idea of quiông xã, one minute castle rsida as I mentioned earlier, và this idea is very novel to lớn me. While this game lacks a story, I think it deserves a 7/10 for originality.

General Game-play– While this game is fairly enjoyable, it tends lớn get slightly boring after playing it for hours on over (Royal Revolt 2 is best enjoyed for an hour or so every day). Apart from that minor complaint, the game is a good time-waster, and it runs as smooth as butter. The combat system is exciting, và earning gold is always rewarding. I will rate the general game-play as a 7.5/10.

Addictiveness- While this game was challenging khổng lồ piông chồng up & master, I’m completely hooked on Royal Revolt 2. The glint of gold is all that drives me, and the insatiable drive lớn keep grinding và raiding those castles. In summary, it’s addictive as heck: 9/10.

Final Rating và Thoughts

Royal Revolt 2 has been a pretty fun experience so far; it’s by no means a long game, but it’s perfect for those times when you have ten minutes or so to lớn fill. Upgrading my buildings và earning gems feels like itching a scratch, & it’s fun to see myself conquer stronger & stronger enemies as time goes on. I dislượt thích the fact that it’s solely an online game, but I think it’s worth it to lớn experience the sequel khổng lồ this awesome series.

Overall, I will give sầu this app an 7.5/10, and I will definitely recommover this tiện ích to lớn my family and friends. If you haven’t picked this game up already, what are you waiting for? It’s available on Android, Apple, và the Windows Phone store, so whatever device you have, you’re covered. Head on over khổng lồ for more info on the game, và liên kết to lớn the ứng dụng downloads.