How good is gridinsoft anti


For the last 12 years, we have been researching online threats & developing programs that can eliminate them effectively. This is something we are well aware of: the threat lớn your privacy is the most dangerous one, so you need the most efficient tools to prevent it.

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* Scan24 Engine

We needed a machine to lớn become an expert at finding numerous threats và aimed at associating an object with threat families. Our company developed a custom proprietary solution based on a phối of jobs doing supervision scanning. Analytic Team gathers threat patterns, classifying và replenishing the database with rising threats. At the same time Scan24 Engine fills with new processing patterns. All these together give a reliable and consistent result.

Antivi khuẩn Automated Retìm kiếm Lab

Starting with security projects in 2009, we were inspired lớn create a svào and high-skilled Analyst Team as a core unit. More than ten years they are developing tools and services able khổng lồ help in everyday monitoring the net with applying new technologies và modern thinking. Now we highly appreciate a large mix of tools that can work synchronously và allows users khổng lồ conduct automated vulnerability scans on their website, Mobile and cloud applications from a single platform.

Neural network Anti-malware Neural Network (our GANNet) is composed of several modules (preprocessor & classifier), as is classically done in pattern recognition. The originality & main advantage of GANNet is that the network itself can be decomposed inkhổng lồ two modules: a neural-network-based feature extractor & a classifier. We make extensive use of our neural feature extractor, which is a trainable module capable of producing a very good and compact feature representation.

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Heuristic rules

A built-in algorithm that employs a combination of statistic & analytic methods khổng lồ analyze files và their parts. In a word, it applies certain rules with analytical tricks to scan objects. Its result is not guaranteed lớn be decisive sầu but is nevertheless sufficient for marking the tệp tin as suspicious.

Cloud Service

One benefit of using cloud detecting services is that we can avoid the complexity of constant updates on the program side by keeping a fresh database every second. It allows us lớn retain flexibility when applying new methods and manage hundreds of software applications at a faster pace, which potentially gives us a competitive sầu edge.

* Internet Security

It is a nội dung filtering công nghệ that offers a trusted solution for browsing the Internet and blocking inappropriate or dangerous nội dung, while still allowing your access to appropriate websites. Internet Security represents intelligent protection for your everyday online activities, thanks to the perfect balance of processing tốc độ, detection rate, & usability.