Z390 aorus pro wifi : bios f12 ?: gigabyte


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Great motherboard with plenty of space, & can handle an overclocked i9-9900 & an RTX 3060. The default orange LEDs don"t match with a whole lot, but RGB fusion is easy khổng lồ navigate.


Very good VRMs và sustains voltage very well along with a nice price for all its features which now includes Resizable-Bar.

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Easy to build on - used for my 1st build. Controllable RGB makes a big difference in the aesthetics of my build; RGB Fusion is kindomain authority lame compared to other RGB apps but it gets the job done. Plenty of USB ports & two aRGB headers. Looks great và works great.


A great, feature-rich motherboard with everything a build needs. It can handle everything at a solid price và is extremely easy to build in.

from completed build Big Blaông chồng and Fast, RTX 3080 và I9-9900K, Pure Performance non/minimal RGB Build

idk mang it"s a motherboard, it gets the job done, can handle an overclocked i9 and a 3080 và is good for the price.

Easy to lớn use for first time builders. I didn"t think the RGB on the board was controllable. use RGB fusion 2.0. if you are not using ethernet cable, the prebuilt Wi-Fi seems fine.

Great motherboard, so much great connectivity. Plenty of người ports, and lots of helpful little features & apps. Though not a fan of RGB Fusion software.

It has not only wifi, but bluetooth, 10 usb ports, a frikin usb c port, và an integrated io shield. This this is amazing!

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