How to ghost uefi standard computer with acronis true image


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There was an article that showed you how computer ghost in UEFI standard and hard drive in GPT format (This is a new standard và increasingly widely used today), it is the article: How to Ghost computer in UEFI standard and GPT hard drive (standard 100%).

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And according lớn my personal assessment, it is still the best, fastest và most effective way to bởi vì today.

But due lớn a special arising, I will guide you through a few more ways to give you more choices for computer ghosting in this new standard.





Finally you click Recovery now lớn start the process of ghosting the computer again.

+ Step 3: kiểm tra the result.

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If all goes well then okay, you have been successful. But the bad case is that when the computer is restarted without Recovery but runs straight to the old Windows screen, you must continue to vì the following steps:

Reboot the device & repeatedly press the shortcut key F11 that we just mix up earlier to enter “True Image”. & we will perform ghost again, but not the same way you did it directly on Win. You move on to the 2nd way that is.

Method 2: Ghost outside the Windows environment

This way is sure. You do exactly the same as the tutorial that I shared with you a few months ago.

Tips: bởi from this step: “Open the software Acronis True Image 2014 available in Win PE 8 và do the following”. You find that paragraph và start working offline.

Demo image after successful implementation

III. Epilogue

There is another very good choice for this Windows ghost according to lớn the new UEFI standard & format the GPT hard drive, right ?.

See more: Windows Update management tool on Win 10 of Microsoft

In my opinion, the current trend is to switch lớn using this standard more because of its outstanding advantages. But instructions on how to bởi vì it are still quite limited, hopefully with this article, you can install và rescue your computer more easily.

Good luck !

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