Download format factory for windows 10, 7, 8/8

Lachạy thử Version Format Factory 32 bit License Freeware Release Aug 17, 2020 Ad Support No System Requirements Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XPhường / Windows Vista

Every software has a unique license type that you can find on the program page, tìm kiếm, or the webpage of category. Below are the commonly used license types.

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As it is evident from the name, freeware is software that is available for download without any charges whatsoever. Such programs can be used freely in both personal & commercial environments for unlimited time.

xuất hiện Source

xuất hiện Source programs allow the user to lớn check, change, or improve sầu the software’s code. Such software is free for both personal và commercial use.

Free to lớn Play

It is a license type used specifically for đoạn phim games. Free-to-play games can be downloaded và played without any charges. However, if the user wants additional features, then he/she can pay for them. Mostly, such programs are ad-supported.


Demo software offers limited features for không tính tiền. If the user wants advanced features or an ad-miễn phí experience, then he/she needs khổng lồ pay for it. Demos are available for an unlimited period. However, in some cases, all features become unavailable if you do not get the program license.


Trial programs give sầu the user a chance to lớn use it for a particular time, generally 15-90 days, to check whether the software fits his/her requirements or not. Along with time limitations, sometimes trial programs may also limit the features.

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This type of license is used for software or games that are intended for sale or commercial use.






Free Time Inc. introduced the latest version of their software for file conversion viz. Format Factory on Aug 17, 20đôi mươi for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP.. / Windows Vista users. Format Factory is a file conversion software that helps the user in converting multitruyền thông media & document files into lớn different formats & resolutions. The software can help in converting files to lớn make them compatible with different devices and can convert multiple files at a time. Over 60 different languages are supported by the interface making it easy for users of different countries to use the software. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can easily use the software to convert multiple files at once by just adding them lớn the conversion queue. Features lượt thích tryên, join, edit, merge, and split files can help the user in a great way. The contents of a DVD or CD can also be converted lớn đoạn phim or audio formats, as per the needs of the user. The đánh giá of Format Factory 32-bit is quite impressive. Download Format Factory 32-bit và convert multiple files at once.

What’s New in this Version of Format Factory (32-bit)

The developers of the tệp tin converting software have done a good job in making the software faster và easier in the lakiểm tra update. The MP3 encoder of the software has been updated from Lame3.99 khổng lồ Lame3.100. While adding bookmarks during harder acceleration, the user faced problems but now this bug has been fixed. No problems will now be faced by the users while playing files in the built-in media player of the software. Video output settings of the software now include an option of color filter. Other minor bugs have also been fixed for the overall improvement of the software.

Editor’s Choice

Format Factory is one of the best file conversion software available for free. The all-around features of the software have sầu made it a priority of the users. The full version of Format Factory provides numerous editing & conversion features for the users & helps in creating a desired output. It is commonly demanded & used by YouTube đoạn phim lovers who like khổng lồ download videos. The software can convert audio, videos, documents, & numerous other files from one format lớn another. For multiple device users, the software can be a lifesaver as it can create files compatible with different devices including iPads, iOS, iPhone, và many more.

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Features and Highlights

The major attractions of the tệp tin converter are: Convert Multitruyền thông media Files- Multitruyền thông media files of different formats & resolutions can be converted into other ones, easily with the help of the software. Format Factory provides various options to lớn customize the tệp tin before converting. Damage Repairing- If the multitruyền thông media tệp tin has been damaged by the user unknowingly due lớn any reason lượt thích copying errors, downloading errors, or any other problem, it can be repaired by the software. File Edit- The file converting software allows the user lớn edit, trlặng, merge, split, join, và modify multimedia files and documents as per the requirements of the user. Supports Different Languages- The interface of the software supports over 60 different languages including English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and various others. Download Videos Online- Apart from being a tệp tin converter, the software also allows the user to download videos và audio files from video clip sharing platforms like YouTube, và Youku. Extract Data from Documents- Want to extract images and other data from the document? No worries, Format Factory can do that for you. The software allows the user to lớn extract data of different kinds from the documents. File Compressor- If you are facing low storage issues, you should consider getting Format Factory khổng lồ convert files inlớn lower resolutions và save sầu storage. The software also allows the user to lớn compress files.

Pros of Format Factory (32-bit)

The main advantages of the software are: Can be used for zero cost Screen recording is allowed No reduction in quality or resolution until selected so. Compress the files and reduce the kích thước Fast in speed Comprehensible for beginners

Cons of Format Factory (32-bit)

The main disadvantages of the tệp tin conversion software are: Portable version hangs Not all extensions are supported Can not edit YouTube videos while can downloading Can not pause or play files queued for conversion Changes are permanent

Bottom Line

Format Factory (32-bit) is a very effective sầu tệp tin converting software. It is completely không tính phí to lớn download, install, & use; yet it provides much better services as compared khổng lồ that by any other similar software, whether không tính phí or paid. Unlượt thích other similar software, format factory allows the user khổng lồ compress files to lớn rar, zip, 7z, & other formats. The software also provides high-kết thúc screen recording features for the users. Download Format Factory 32-bit không tính phí version & convert files easily.