Fix 100% full disk error on windows with the following 14 tips

If you experience Windows 10 not performing well after installing windows 10 updates, such as system freezes at startup, applications not responding lớn your clicks. And checking on Task manager you may discover that your system drive sầu is running at 100, which slows down the operating system. A number of users report this issue affects both hard disk drives (HDDs) & solid-state drives (SSDs).There are various problems that cause 100 Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10. Start with Corrupted system files, Buggy windows update, Any windows service stuchồng running, security software (antivirus), third party tiện ích or Disk drive sầu errors & more. Whatever the problem here 5 working solutions you may apply to lớn Fix 100 Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

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Contents1 How khổng lồ fix 100 disk usage in Windows 101.1 Remove All Windows Temporary Files1.2 Perform Clean Boot1.3 Cheông xã Unresponsive Windows Services1.4 Rephối Virtual Memory in Windows 101.5 Run Chechồng Disk Comm& To determine Disk Drive Error1.6 Use High Performance Power Plan

How khổng lồ fix 100 disk usage in Windows 10

For starters, always start by disabling any third-tiệc ngọt anti-virus/anti-malware program as those programs can have a tendency to lớn access the disk all the time.

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If you notice this is caused by a comtháng combination of Skype as well Google Chrome. Similar issues with other programs could also cause 100 disk usage. To fix this vày the following:Google Chrome:In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Prefetch resources khổng lồ load pages more quickly and untiông xã it.SkypeMake sure you have sầu exited Skype and it is not running in the taskbar (if it is running in the taskbar then quit it). Open Windows Explorer & open the following folder:
Navigate to C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhone, right-click on the Skype.exe tệp tin and select Properties.In the next step, choose the Security tab & then cliông xã Edit.From the list of “Groups or user names“, choose “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES“, kiểm tra the Writeoption lớn be Allow, which allows Skype khổng lồ write khổng lồ your disk.After that, press OK.
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