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EaseUs data recovery key is used khổng lồ activate the EaseUS data recovery tool, which is considered lớn be one of the best data recovery software. Hard disks play an important role in storing huge amounts of data, but sometimes due to lớn some unknown reasons, the hard disk gets damaged resulting in loss of important data stored in it. In order khổng lồ get the data back, the recovery license is required. EaseUS data recovery license key 2020 can be used in both Windows & Mac operating systems which retrieves data within no time

Why EaseUs Data Recovery?

Data that has been permanently deleted either accidentally or voluntarily with Shift+Del can also be retrieved with the help of this tool. If at any point, the computer encounters any virut attack or boot failure while upgrading the OS, then the lost or hidden data can be easily recovered by the recovery software.

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List of Working EaseUS Data Recovery Keys

Easeus Data Recovery Keys


Easeus License Code


Easeus Data Recovery License Code 2020


Easeus không lấy phí Activation Code


Easeus Data Recovery Serial Key Free


Free Easeus Data Recovery Registration Code


Free Easeus Data Recovery Activation Key


Features of EaseUs

EaseUs Data Recovery License Key comes with advanced requirements và features in every latest & updated version. Some of its features are given below

It is very convenient software which shows step by step ways to recover data EaseUS data recovery license key không tính tiền saves users from a lot of trouble by avoiding irrelevant và time-consuming installation It also shows the previous data before recovering The software has a flair for many languages as it supports English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, & much more This tool has the tendency to lớn recover old data và files without overwriting the previous old versions. In this way, it helps in saving storage from unnecessary files This EaseUS data recovery license key không lấy phí download has also one amazing advantage as it retrieves data of any lost partition which was accidentally caused by reinstallation of the operating system, boot manager, improper cloning, and disk accident Data from any other card, disk such as USB drives, external hard disk, SD CARD, Micro-SD cards, etc can also be retrieved with the help of this software It is also modified lớn be used in the latest Windows 10 OS and has the tendency to lớn recover every type of tệp tin Additionally, it can retrieve sounds, videos, & other archive files. Hard disk space is optimized at regular intervals

Ways to download the License Key

Even when the program is downloaded from any official website, it still will not work until it is activated with a license key. The methods và steps to activate are given below.

Step1: First of all download and install the EaseUS Wizard License Software from the official website and mở cửa the program

Step2: Afterwards, enable offline activation key from EaseUS Wizard

Step3: Copy the tệp tin “config.dat” from the downloaded thư mục and paste it inside the folder where the software is already installed

Step4: Copy another tệp tin “exe” and paste it again into the installed folder

Step5: A block “DRWUI.exe” will appear. Open the program lớn activate the offline program.

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Step6: Close the program after the activation is done

Step7: Copy DRWUI. Exe và paste it into another file

Step8: Click on Ok to lớn complete the activation process

Running Block Host Program to Activate the Recovery Software

First of all tải về and install the EaseUS Wizard License Software thiết đặt file Secondly, install the application and then close it Run Block Host on computer, laptop, or laptop apple macbook Copy keygen and paste it in the thư mục of the installation Run the keygen as an administrator lớn successfully activate the software


The EaseUs Data Recovery License Key is not available for free. The software stops working as soon as the trial period is over. So, one is supposed khổng lồ buy it from a market or can also arrange it from any alternative way available. This software proves lớn be very helpful as it is capable of retrieving smaller data like messages, e-mails, documents, etc. Thus, this software proves to lớn be helpful in all situations.

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