Proshow gold 6

4. Right-click the psgold_60_3410.exe file in the unzipped directory and select Run as administrator.

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7. Paste the file into the Proshow Gold installation directory under the path:
8. Right click on the file just pasted that Run as administrator. A window pops up, you hit the Path, appears OK then you turn off the Path window.

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9. Check Proshow Gold 6 to see if Crack is successful. If so, then you stop here. If you are not successful then you vị next step 10.
10. Go back khổng lồ the unzip thư mục -> Crack -> Keyfilemaker – RNDD -> Keyfilemaker. Right-click Keyfilemaker.exe & select Run as administrator.

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tháng 6 28, 2017

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