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Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Preproduction gives our customers with active maintenance a chance khổng lồ become familiar with the exciting new capabilities expected in the production release and determine how these enhancements can deliver the greatest impact to lớn their sản phẩm development process. This is your opportunity to lớn provide feedback lớn R&D, và help us to deliver an exceptional production release. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Preproduction offers numerous enhancements that optimize global thiết kế processes including electro-mechanical design. Highlights of this Preproduction release are listed below:

Global thiết kế Process EnhancementsOptimize Detailed Design - Create both simple & complex designs faster with improved assembly performance, new tự động hóa RoundTM capabilities, advanced surface editing, automated 3 chiều drawing annotations, & moreOptimize Manufacturing Tooling và Factory Equipment Design - Simplify and automate the transformation of engineering designs into manufacturing processes with an easy khổng lồ use, powerful process manager tool for toolpath definition, annotation features, và other key tasksOptimize Verification và Validation - Analyze your designs faster and easier with smart diagnostics, improved meshing, better assembly connectivity management & analysis of resultsElectro-mechanical thiết kế EnhancementsFaster Detailed Design - Create electro-mechanical designs faster with intelligent, automated capabilities for adding và routing ribbon cables Faster Verification & Validation - Accelerate kiến thiết collaboration with a new associative interface between MCAD & ECAD designs. Automatically identify incremental changes & cross-highlight between MCAD and ECAD board designs

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Preproduction contains many more new capabilities that will improve your personal and process productivity. For more information about what"s new, please review the product Release Notes & the đứng top 10 Reasons to Try Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Preproduction.

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You can also test drive several of the top enhancements with this tutorial. Please tải về the tutorial kit, which includes all models, và follow the simple instructions provided.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to try out the latest enhancements today!

Maintenance customers, tải về the software:Order or download Software Updates.

Preproduction software for this release is available in English, German, Japanese, và Simplified Chinese.

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Find out more about ECAD-MCAD Collaboration capabilities.

If you have technical questions or feedback on the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Preproduction release, please tương tác Technical

The timing of any product release, including any features or functionality, is subject to lớn change at"s discretion.