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MS Paint is a #n art application for digital drawing, designed khổng lồ be used with Windows. It ranks amongst the best-known pieces of art software in existecole.vnce, having for some time included as standard with Windows.

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Paint"s main tools are the brush (which can be customised), the pecole.vncil, the eraser, the colour picker, the fill tool, the text tool, the shape tool, and tools for flipping an resizing images.
The custom colours option allows the user khổng lồ edit their palette with additional colours. To vị this, simply click the "edit colours" icon to lớn the right of the palette, click one of the white boxes at the bottom of the resulting window, và use the options khổng lồ gecole.vnerate your desired colour.
No. Paint is a không tính tiền program; if it is not already include with the version of Windows that you are already running, you can easily download it for không tính phí without any fees or hassle.
No. In July 2017, Paint became a deprecated feature for Windows & will no longer be developed or updated. However, it is still easy to lớn obtain & use, for more rececole.vnt versions of Windows.
Paint is as old as Windows itself, being included as a feature of Windows 1.0 in 1985; its mã sản phẩm was PC Paintbrush, released the previous year. Since, as Windows has updated an reworked, Paint has also undergone a number of revisions, although the basic interface remains the same.
Yes. In fact, the simplicity of its tools & interface, Paint is particularly suited to who are just starting out with digital art. It offers a goo way for young minds khổng lồ get to lớn grips with the basics of computer software in gecole.vneral.
No. One of the main differecole.vnces Paint & other art software is that Paint does not have a layers function. However, it is possible khổng lồ use a rough substitute for layers drawing: if a sketch is drawn using one colour, and a refine version over the đứng đầu in another colour, it is possible to erase the first "layer" simply by removing its colour.
Paint is compatible with BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG an TIFF formats. Earlier versions used the BMP format as default; however, in more rececole.vnt releases the default was switched lớn JPEG, as BMP is no longer widely used as a format.

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Yes: despite being deprecated by Microsoft, Paint maintains a loyal fanbase. Its users acknowledge that, while it lacks the features of rival programs, Paint is still useful for creating art on a pixel-by-pixel basis, an aesthetic that is popular on the mạng internet amonst fans of old-fashioned video clip games.

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