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This article will show you three ways khổng lồ add Google Drive khổng lồ Office 365. Besides the instruction supported by Microsoft & Google Drive plug-in installation, there is a direct way via miễn phí website

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About Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to lớn store files, images or videos online, and keep them synced with all of your devices. Access them anywhere và mô tả with others through network easily. Additional to lớn sharing and storing, Google Drive (via Google Docs) enables you to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, và more. But when you open the Microsoft Word files in Google Drive sầu, you can only view the file, can’t edit it, or edit as a Google Doc file.

Google Drive

About Office 365

Office 365, kind of Microsoft cloud storage, is the online version of Microsoft"s suite of office products in the cloud. It not only provides all the standard office products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more, but also is available from any internet enabled computer. Just as its name show: access to your Office from anywhere và anytime all year-round.

Office 365

Office 365 is designed lớn seamlessly work with Microsoft OneDrive sầu Cloud Storage service. So, when you cliông xã on “Open” or “Save sầu As”, you will see a nice biệu tượng công ty for OneDrive sầu and access the Cloud Storage directly. Moreover, when you click “Add a Place”, you can only find Microsoft services, but not other cloud storage services such as Google Drive sầu và Dropbox.

Is there any way lớn integrate Google Drive và OneDrive? In this way, the functions of the two services can be used at the same time.

3 Ways khổng lồ Add Google Drive lớn Office 365

Is there any way to add it yourself? Yes, this article will show you some methods.

Solution 1. Follow the Instructions Supported by Microsoft

Microsoft did publish instructions on how khổng lồ integrate any cloud storage service into Office 365. It will guide you khổng lồ register the cloud storage service on the user"s client computer. The cloud storage service can be registered on the user"s client machine through its installation program, where registration includes setting some registry keys to lớn provide Office 365 with some detailed information about the cloud storage service.

This method requires you lớn have some professional computer knowledge. If you are inclined lớn use this method, you can tải về the operating document provided by Microsoft so that you can read the relevant nội dung at any time to support your operation.

Note: This method only supports these operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP., Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013.

Solution 2. Install Google Drive sầu Plug-In for Microsoft Office

1. In a web browser, go lớn the plug-in page and click Download.2. Double-clichồng DriveForOffice.exe and run the installer in silent mode.3. xuất hiện Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.4. On startup, at the Welcome screen, clichồng Get Started, and then sign in lớn your Google Account.

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5. On the Authorization page, clichồng Accept. After you install the plug-in, you"ll see "Google Drive" in the Office menu bar.


The drive is currently not supported on Windows laptops and tablets with ARM processors. The plug-in mentioned above sầu does not work with Office for Mac.
Solution 3. Sync/Move sầu Files from Google Drive sầu lớn OneDrive

The first two methods can indeed realize the integration of Google Drive and OneDrive, but they simply realize the combination of the functions of the two products.

For the tệp tin transfer between Google Drive sầu and OneDrive, users still can only rely on the traditional upload and tải về method, that is, downloading the Google Drive sầu files lớn the local device, và then upload it lớn OneDrive sầu. Although this is feasible, it can be cumbersome & time-consuming, and it is especially impractical when you need to lớn switch them frequently.

Don’t be disappointed, here is a more direct way lớn add Google Drive sầu lớn Office 365 for good and realize tệp tin moving quickly. We recommend a third-tiệc ngọt could file manager – Not only for Google Drive sầu & OneDrive, it supports almost all popular cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Flickr, Amazon S3, OneDrive sầu for Business, G Suite, FTPhường, Box, MySquốc lộ, MEGA, SugarSync etc. The following is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Create a account, it’s free of charge.

Sign Up

Step 2. Add Google Drive accounts. In its main console, cliông xã “Add Cloud” on the left side và select “Google Drive” from the right cloud drive danh sách. Then go to the next step.

Add Google Drive

Step 3. Edit the Display Name as you wish và click Add Google Drive, then just follow the easy guidance khổng lồ finish cloud account adding.Step 4. Repeat previous two steps khổng lồ add OneDrive lớn Then your Google Drive sầu trương mục & OneDrive trương mục are linked in one place. You can add all your cloud service tài khoản lớn connect và manage files between multiple cloud storage if needed.Step 5. Clichồng on the tab – ‘Cloud Transfer” & select Google & OneDrive respectively.

Transfer Google Drive lớn OneDrive

Step 6. Click on Options lớn set the cloud transfer mode, then cthua trận the pop window & clichồng “Transfer Now” lớn perkhung the task.

Cloud Transfer Options

Tip: Besides Cloud Transfer, you can also use"s Cloud Sync function khổng lồ sync Google Drive sầu & OneDrive sầu directly. You can also cliông chồng on Options to lớn setting the ways to lớn synchronize data in clouds.

Sync Google Drive to Onedrive


In short, offers an easy & direct way lớn add Google Drive sầu to Office 365. You can reply on it to lớn integrate your Google Drive with OneDrive sầu, lượt thích syncing Google Drive with OneDrive không tính tiền, copy Google Drive sầu khổng lồ OneDrive etc. can bởi vì both one-way & two-way sync between any two of your cloud accounts. What’s more, your data is confidential because we use 256-bit AES encryption for SSL. It’s 100% safe for you lớn use the service of