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Unigraphics NX Win32 và Win64 is the leading CAD / CAM / CAE system, built on the best technologies designed to lớn create products of any complexity.

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The main task of the system ultimately consists in reducing the cost of creating a product, improving its chất lượng và reducing the time to market. This enables companies in a short time to return the investment spent on the purchase và implementation of Unigraphics.

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In Russia, Unigraphics occupies a svào position thanks to the wide possibilities of using the system in various industries (aerospace, engine building, automotive, engineering, etc.) and the use of modern technologies that provide the user with advanced solutions in MCAD at all stages of sản phẩm development. The success of the Unigraphics system in the Russian market is confirmed by the vast base of users, the successes they have achieved as a result of using the system.If you really want to lớn full soft, cliông xã download sysmbol và check out a little bit to support this website. The download liên kết will appeare automatically after your payment completely.
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