Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve"s début title blends action & adventure with award-winning công nghệ khổng lồ create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think lớn survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you khổng lồ play against friends and enemies around the world.

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ESHQ russian localization v 1.08hours agoESHQ Other

Russian localization package for ESHQ hack (only subtitles for now). Пакет русской локализации для мода ESHQ (пока только...


ESHQ english localization v 1.08hours agoESHQ Other

English localization package for ESHQ thủ thuật (only subtitles for now)


Half-Broken (final version)Oct 11 2021Half-Broken Full Version 2 comments

Final version, "cause everyone would have said it"s bad, but it"s upgraded, ok?If ya don"t trust it, go play it out & f*chồng off


Half-Broken: The HD/MLG addonOct 10 2021Half-Broken Patch 1 phản hồi

This is an addon for version 1 of the mod, so technically not with the others


Half-Broken : RELEAZED (version 1)Oct 10 2021Half-Broken Full Version 5 comments

First version of the hack, contains Very random, flashy, "not" stolen stuff và hazardous donuts

Map sources .jmf for Half-life But BadOct 4 2021Half-Life But Bad SDK

These are the sources of Half-Life But Bad maps after downloading the archive sầu, please go lớn the text document Read_it.txt

Paweł"s Mod v2.0Oct 2 2021Paweł"s Mod Full Version

added Shooting Range (Map by Almix)fixed a few things

Paranoia 2 Pre Altrộn 2014Oct 1 2021PARANOIA Full Version 5 comments

This is the actual beta or pre altrộn version of paranoia 2, it has alot of different maps compared lớn the lachạy thử and new models as well as old models...

Todesangst 2 RemodSep 29 2021todesangst regian lận sequel available for download Full Version

This is the remod of Todesangst 2 by BrodyBear7. All Credits are listed above sầu, enjoy :D

Todesangst RemodSep 29 2021todesangst remod sequel available for download Full Version 2 comments

This is the full rethủ thuật of todesangst by BrodyBear7, all credits are listed above sầu, enjoy :D

ESHQ update lớn v 11.4bSep 29 2021ESHQ Patch

New voice acting, map geometry và behavior fixes, ambient adjustments

avp2 hl multimapsSep 28 2021Half Life: Aliens vs Predator Patch

Hello Everybody! While I work on BOT for AVP2 I create a patch that you can play every half life multiplayer maps. Very Important! Overwrite the whole...

Paranoia 2 Font ConverterSep 24 2021Goldsource Data Base Full Version

This tool is used lớn change the text in your hl1 maps if you have sầu a script text entity & you can change the fonts of that text depending on what fonts...

MDL Decompiler 12 (GoldSource)Sep 24 2021Goldsource Data Base Full Version

This is the MDL Decompiler used to decompile all half life 1 (goldsource) models, use this program along with jeds half life Mã Sản Phẩm viewer. enjoy :D

Paranoia 2 Valve Hammer Map Compile ToolsSep 24 2021Goldsource Data Base Full Version

These versions of maps compilers are much more better và prevent alot of annoying brush errors on compile & is much easier, you need jaông chồng hammer lớn...

Paranoia 2 StudioMDLSep 24 2021Goldsource Data Base Full Version

This is a much more effective studiomdl that compiles models for hl1 with much more vertices & much higher texture resolution, higher detailed textures...

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Bloodbath Model ViewerSep 23 2021Overturn Modelling Tool

The Model viewer created for & used by Bloodbath Software.

Overturn Source CodeSep 23 2021Overturn Source Code

The full source code to lớn the last build of Overturn, was split from SVN archive sầu for convenience.

Half Life Menu MakerSep 23 2021Overturn Graphics Tool

Intelligent tool for CD (WON) Half-Life menu creation.

Overturn (Playable năm 2016 Build)Sep 23 2021Overturn Full Version 1 phản hồi

This is the last playable build from the 2016 SViệt Nam, this build has been split from its original archive sầu to lớn make it easier for those who just want to lớn load...

Don"t Drink the Water (Day 1, 2nd Update)Sep 21 2021Don"t Drink the Water (DDTW) Demo

Yet another fleshing out of the first map! This time with making the stiff controls even stiffer!

Half-Life: Opposing Force Press DemoSep 21 2021Demo 12 comments

A late beta press test build of Half-Life: Opposing Force for the PC.Released and dumped by Magic Nipples, uploaded to lớn by me.

Paweł"s Mod v1.5Sep trăng tròn 2021Paweł"s Mod Full Version

made shotgun delay even smalleradded more gauss ammo same with glock

training courseSep 19 2021clear_mesa Demo

this is cấp độ 1 (training course) & is not going khổng lồ advance

Paweł"s Mod v1.0Sep 19 2021Paweł"s Mod Patch

removed cs1.6 chickens from the modupdated the menu background

hard-life2 betaSep 24 2021hard-life 2 beta Demo 3 comments

this hack is tricky there are new sprites, sounds, maps. & there is something else, but I don"t rememberNew difficult

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