The sims 3


The Sims 3 for Windows PCs is the third part of this social simulation video clip game in which we have to lớn build a parallel life creating our own avatar


The Sims is probably the most successful social simulation saga in Clip gaming history. Ever since the first installment was released in the year 2000, it has sold over 100 million units. The Sims Online, The Sims 2, The Sims in the City, Castaway, Stories, Medieval... all these titles are part of this series, as well as this The Sims 3, considered as the third installment that appeared baông chồng in 2009.

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This game is the next step in the evolution of the series, offering us new possibilities when it comes lớn developing our avatars in the virtual world posed, incorporating two main updates.

Sims creation system

As the precursor lớn the current Create a Sim tool to lớn generate avatars, this system meant a giant chất lượng leap regarding what we had seen lớn date. The cấp độ of detail of the physical traits was greatly improved, expanding the options for men và women, depending on the sex & age of the characters.

In turn, we"ve also got more chances to choose between different clothing items, with more clothes khổng lồ define our Sim"s style without needing to purchase them from any store because they"re always available. Hairstyles can also be defined depending on the clothes.

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However, the system isn"t as advanced as the tool available in The Sims 4, which even allows us to lớn choose traits of our personality.

Larger map

Another new noteworthy feature can be found in the game"s maps, which was expanded to lớn bring it closer lớn a sandbox game of the likes of Grvà Theft Auto. Now, you can explore the entire bản đồ without intermediate loading processes, as well as allowing the rest of the Sims that aren"t controlled by the player khổng lồ continue their lives thanks khổng lồ the Story Progression option. This will help them to lớn live autonomously, growing, getting married, getting a job...

More new features of The Sims 3

But that"s not all the updates và improvements of this third installment regarding previous versions. We also have to mention the following các mục of features of this new episode:

Redesigned humor system: new modes (positive sầu, neutral, và negative) that appear when we satisfy the needs of our avatars.The previous desire và fear system is replaced with a new method in which desires expire after a certain amount of time.New happiness rating system.Reward system governed by the Sim"s score.Downloadable nội dung section.Lifetime can be adjusted by the player advancing through several stages: baby, infant, child, teenager, youngster, adult, & elder: you can die of old age or due to causes such as hunger, fire, drowning...Personality traits acquired throughout your life.Redesign of the skill system: unlượt thích previous installments with premix skill lists, now there"s an endless amount that can be increased by means of expansions.

Download expansions for The Sims 3: expvà the game

Expansions allow us to extkết thúc the features of the game, taking it to new scenargame ios and themes for those users who want khổng lồ play something more specific. If you want lớn know about the expansions of this version, here are some of its most popular ones: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Isl& Paradise, Into lớn the Future, High-End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff, Movie Stuff... and so on. The latter helped it to become the best Sims game lớn the date, also arriving on iOS & Android.