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The first step towards obtaining the stiffness matrix, is to obtain the Jacobian, using an equation which you can find in any finite element analysis book. This equation has a shape function matrix which depends on the nodal displacements.Once Jacobian obtained, the strain displacement matrix is obtained & transposed and then finally stiffness matrix is obtained.Jacobian will be negative if there are distorted elements, local axis of connected elements is different etc.

Check element 22836. If you cannot find this in ETABS 9.7, then do this to lớn find coordinates.Display Show Tables model Definitions Area Assignments Area Assignment SummaryThen export khổng lồ EXCEL, find area 22836, và then within the same row, look for centroidx và centroidy coordinates. Dear Uzair Sb,The error is in slab element 22836. You can find that element by looking at respective story level. For that, you will need to lớn turn on the Area Labels and use the X, Y và Z Coordinates provided in the error log.

Solution khổng lồ the problem is to lớn either re-mesh the area manually for that part or to do the load distribution manually & directly apply load at beams and just delete the slab.Please let us know if the problem has been fixed or otherwise.Thanks.Slab element number during analysis and slab area labels are different. Slab number during analysis is the position of that element in the database, slab area labels have the notation F### and usually indicate when this particular element was drawn, slab area labels can also be repeated in different stories, slab element number is unique. Then export to EXCEL, find area 22836, and then within the same row, look for centroidx & centroidy coordinates.Exporting khổng lồ EXCEL will also not help because EXCEL will slab area labels, not slab element number.Exporting the model to.e2k & the importing it back might help, OR you can bởi a manual kiểm tra of all your mã sản phẩm by studying the mesh. In my experience, this error is caused by a shell element with 2 nodes only, which happens when you move one phối of points to already existing points by move command, this will merge the points but the element defined between them stays in the database.Hope this helps. Here is the progress và update regarding the problem described in my original post, for the benefit of the interested SEFP users.1.

Automeshing was adopted in the original ETABS 9 model, with a maximum mesh size of 3 ft for the slabs & walls. The slabs included a raft slab as well, for tranferring the reactions khổng lồ SAFE.2.

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The model was being updated in steps, by refining the geometry along various edges of the slabs according to lớn architectural plans at different floors. Model was running fine at all the steps.3. The problem most probably occurred when the whole mã sản phẩm (including the raft slab) was selected through "Select all" command & automeshed again as stated in para-1 above. This action meshed the raft slab as well.The meshing of raft slab was haphazard in some regions, because of orientation of slab outer edges in different directions.4. Following steps were taken in order lớn sort out the error:-a. Trials were made by automeshing the mã sản phẩm at two different maximum mesh sizes of 4 ft & 2 ft (one at a time), but without any positive result.b. Third trial was made using "default" meshing option ( meshing at grids & in Automesh options, by keeping the "Further subdivide shell/wall in maximum element size of" option UNCHECKED.

This trial helped in running the analysis completely, with 2 Warning Messages indicating presence of unconnected point & frame objects at the specified locations. Deletion of these extra objects removed the warning messages.c. Another trial indicated that thr problem is with the meshing of slabs, và not the walls.d.

Trying to lớn locate affected element # 22836 through the procedure advised by Rana, indicated that the relevant output table designates the slab & wall elements by the number types F### for slab elements và W### for wall elements. It followed that element numbers (like 22836 etc) are generated during analysis only.

The same facts have been stated above by Saad Pervez. Thus, the affected element could not be traced once again.e. Keeping in view suggestion made by EngrJunaid, the affected mã sản phẩm was opened in ETABS 2016. This time the affected element was located và found to be present in the automeshed Raft Slab, provided at the base cấp độ merely for exporting the Base Reactions khổng lồ SAFE for further processing there.5.


Replacing the affected Automeshed Raft Slab, with a new unmeshed raft slab và remeshing the floor slabs và rc walls (after selecting the floor slabs và walls separately) at desired maximum mesh kích thước finally solved the problem.In the end, thanks to all (especially