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ETABS is a software for designing high-rise buildings of CSI. In the 1990s, when desktops were not yet available, some scientists at US Berkeley University came up with an algorithm to calculate tall buildings and run on mainframes.

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This is a software based on finite element algorithm, but there are many significant improvements khổng lồ tốc độ up the calculation process as well as input oil data. The software is written based on Fortran language, which is a long-standing but very effective sầu language in structural problems. The ability lớn process data is any large.

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Etabs installation instructions 9.7.4Step 1: Go khổng lồ the directory where the installer is located & run the autorun file.Step 2: The installer appears, cliông xã on Install ETABS V9 for the 3D-Object Based Modeling, Analysis và Design of the Buildings.Step 3: Next you cliông chồng Install corresponding khổng lồ the Standalone Installation section.Step 4: Select Next khổng lồ continue installationStep 5: In this step, you select I accept the tems in the licese agreement to accept the terms and select Text lớn continueStep 6: Fill any information inlớn the khung, select Next to continue.Step 7: Go to lớn the step below then cliông chồng Install to start installing Etabs software 9.7.4.Step 8: Wait for the installation process lớn complete, after installation is complete, cliông chồng Finish to finish.Step 9: Go to the installation directory of ETABS 9.7.4 & find echoid.exe pháo tệp tin and run, you will see a window containing the Locking Code 1 sequence, you copy five numbers after the number 4Step 10: Go lớn the cr
ông xã directory & run the tệp tin csimp.exeStep 11: Section Sellect product select ETABS 9.5, the code section you paste the sequence of numbers you copied in step 9 inlớn.Step 12: After completing the information, clichồng Generate, a message will appear, select Yes & Ok.Step 13: Now return to lớn the folder containing the crachồng tệp tin will see a file ending in .lic as shown, you rename this file to lớn lservrc.lic.Step 14: Go baông chồng to lớn the software installation directory (the thư mục containing the echoid.exe file in step 9), then copy the file lservrc.lic lớn paste and clichồng okStep 15: You run the software & use it normally.File Setup: DownloadCr