Latest Version DEV-C++ 6.30 License Freeware Release Apr 27, năm ngoái Ad tư vấn No MD5Hash 581d2ec5eff634a610705d01ec6da553 VTUrl System Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Every software has a chất lượng license type that you can find on the program page, search, or the webpage of category. Below are the commonly used license types.

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As it is evident from the name, freeware is software that is available for download without any charges whatsoever. Such programs can be used freely in both personal & commercial environments for unlimited time.

Open Source

Open Source programs allow the user lớn check, change, or improve the software’s code. Such software is không lấy phí for both personal & commercial use.

Free to Play

It is a license type used specifically for video clip games. Free-to-play games can be downloaded and played without any charges. However, if the user wants additional features, then he/she can pay for them. Mostly, such programs are ad-supported.


Demo software offers limited features for free. If the user wants advanced features or an ad-free experience, then he/she needs to pay for it. Demos are available for an unlimited period. However, in some cases, all features become unavailable if you vày not get the program license.


Trial programs give the user a chance to lớn use it for a particular time, generally 15-90 days, to check whether the software fits his/her requirements or not. Along with time limitations, sometimes trial programs may also limit the features.


This type of license is used for software or games that are intended for sale or commercial use.






DEV-C++ is an integrated development environment for debugging and designing applications that are composed khổng lồ be in the C++ programming language. Due to lớn the update, the review of this software have improved khổng lồ a noticeable level. You should tải về the latest version of DEV-C++ & explore all of its features.

This programming tool is an open-source IDE environment that manages lớn offer software solutions và the required tools for C++ ứng dụng development. Plus, it ensures khổng lồ fulfill all of your customized requirements.

What’s New in DEV C++

To increase efficiency, DEV-C++ new version has come with some enhances and additions:

The parallel compilation is now permitted by mặc định for release forms through MAKE jobs.To phối up custom shell command line tabs, three buttons are added.The menu for dark themes và code completion is updated.The CTRL-TAB editor tab selection wrapping is updated.The clean file deletion problem is now fixed.The issue with the status bar not showing is fixed.Closing tabs in the editor “beside view” is fixed.CPU/Debug Window hex column error is fixed.

Editor’s Review

DEV-C++ is known khổng lồ be a Windows-friendly IDE that allows software developers khổng lồ edit, compile & write codes in one place for C++ & C programming languages. The best part of this software is that it is absolutely free to use. It is often used khổng lồ develop PC operating systems, website browsers, and computer games.

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It happens khổng lồ use the MinGW compiler lớn create C and C++ apps. DEv C++ can even manage to work in conjunction with different compilers that are purely GCC-based. Additionally, syntax highlighter makes reading the source code way adaptable for the user. Needless to say, DEV-C++ is an excellent tool for carrying out C++ and C programming languages.

Features and Highlights

To know better about the software’s functionality, have a look on its features in detail:

Support for Python

DEV-C++ carries tư vấn for Python as well. All you have to vày is to make sure that your DEV-C++ IDE locates the correct tệp tin path và install the Python Development Pak.


This program has an efficient collection of tools that will help you develop C++ apps all in one place. It lets you create, edit & execute programs in C languages. All of the features in the application help you to lớn increase your efficiency when coding.

Sturdy debugger và compiler

You will find the most powerful debugger that gets the job done in the best way possible. Plus the compiler is a hit without a doubt. It allows you to kiểm tra each line of error codes and conflicts and remove the bugs completely.


This tool has focused on mid-level programmers và novices who are specifically looking for dependability và balance. It provides them with all the necessary tools that you need lớn create various applications. If you are a beginner, you might have a hard time getting along with the application but once you do, you are good to go.

Resource-Light & Unobtrusive Feature Set

This feature is the way of writing JavaScript language in which we distinguish between document content and Script Content. This technique is basically used for enhancing the website page instead of an absolute requirement.

Pros of using DEV-C++

The following are the advantages of using this software:

User-friendlyTons of featuresSupports low-spec PCsCompilersLightweight

Cons of using DEV-C++

The shortcomings of this software are mentioned below that you much consider as a programmer:

Might have outdated compilers

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most commonly asked questions by the users. For better understanding, we have answered them for you:

Q1. How bởi I download DEV-C++?

To tải về the application, follow these steps:

Click on the download button mentioned above and download the installation file for DEV-C++.Once the tải về is complete, double-click on it.Lastly, follow the instructions that appear on your desktop and launch the application.Q2. What is the latest version of DEV-C++?

The latest version of DEV-C++ is 5.50.

Q3. Is DEV-C++ safe to lớn use?

After reviewing various sites, it is concluded that DEV-C++ is a reliable app that you can consider downloading as a novice programmer.

Q4. Is DEV-C++ free?

Yes, DEV-C++ is a không lấy phí and fully-featured IDE application for debugging và creating applications written in the C++ language.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, DEV-C++ has the most decent và useful tools. This lightweight IDE is a good one especially for beginners because of its streamlined installation process, easy-to-use UI, and an all-in-one place for editing, debugging, writing, and compiling codes. It even manages to support low-specs PCs as well.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more advanced IDE as an experienced programmer, then this ứng dụng might not suit you the best. Hence, the reviews of this software were impressive. If you are a beginner in programming then you should go with this one. Download DEV-C++ on your Windows 10 PC now và start your journey khổng lồ become a better programmer.