Date a live: rio reincarnation

The Date A Live series has been around for quite a while.

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Since its initial creation as a light novel series, it became a popular anime series. After that, it spawned a đoạn Clip game series whose first game, a visual novel dating simulator called DATE A LIVE: Rinne Utopia, came out for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. The game’s sequel Arusu Install is followed by the current instalment DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation & includes a brand new story and access khổng lồ the first two titles so you can play through the entire series in one convenient place.

In the universe of DATE A LIVE, there have sầu been catastrophic spacequakes which have sầu caused mysterious entities called Spirits to appear. Shivì Itsuka, the game’s protagonist, is the only one that possesses the ability lớn seal away the powers of these Spirits. How can he vì this you might be wondering? Well, by dating the Spirits & making them fall in love with him, of course! It’s an… intriguing concept to say the least, và is both adorable & cringe-worthy in equal measure.


As someone new khổng lồ the DATE A LIVE series, jumping into the game can be rather overwhelming. I recommover playing through the first two titles – which are included – before tackling Rio Reincarnation, but if you vì chưng want lớn head straight into lớn the third game, it gives players the options of reading through a 20-30 minute digest that describes the general details from Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install. You’ll be all caught up with the major plot points of the series after reading the digest, but you’ll be missing some of the more minor details. Of course, if you’re a seasoned DATE A LIVE player than you can jump right inkhổng lồ the third game with no problem.


When it comes to gameplay, DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation plays just like your average visual novel. You take on the role of Shido as he goes about his everyday life: having conversations with the female Spirits, going on dates with them, và just generally having a good time.

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Of course, that wouldn’t make for a very interesting story so the plot will thicken. In Rinne Utopia, you’ll meet Shido’s supposed childhood best friover who turns out lớn not quite be who she seems. Arusu Install is based in a virtual reality game: Shivì chưng and his friends (his girl posse) get trapped there by the Spirit Arusu. In order to lớn escape, the group must teach Arusu the true meaning of L-O-V-E. Rio Reincarnation introduces a new Spirit by the name of Rio who calls Shivày “Papa” & is searching for the “most important thing.” Shivì is determined khổng lồ figure out the mystery behind Rio as well as discover what this “most important thing” could be.


Each title takes places within a certain number of days và during this time the players will be dealing with the major plot points of the story. You’ll learn more about the protagonist, some of the major characters and move the story forward by choosing between different prompts. There are also “free time” segments, which is where the majority of the game’s romancing will take place. You’ll be able khổng lồ speak with characters, take them on dates & decide which path you might like khổng lồ take to lớn the over. DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation is all about replayability so if you get lớn the over of one path & decide you don’t like how it ended up, you can always go baông xã & try again to lớn get a different ending.

All three games play in the same way, making playing through all three of them in a short period of time a bit of a drag. Especially if you decide khổng lồ romance the same girl two or three times. You’ll start khổng lồ wonder why these two kids can’t just stay together. It’s best to play through one và take regular breaks to keep things fresh and interesting. In the end though, each game follows many similar tropes to lớn the others with only changes in the story.


DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation is a good visual novel with everything you might want: an intriguing story, tonnes of different endings, a great art style và xinh đẹp anime girls. And considering it packs in three games in one, it’s a bit of a bargain for fans of the genre. Some players may be put off by the game’s story – there is something a little strange about a guy dating so many girls at one time – but it’s written well enough that it keeps its distance from being actually creepy. I’d recommover picking up DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation if you’re a bạn of the genre or interested in a dating slặng with a chất lượng concept. Just be aware that there’s a lot of franchise history here, so you’ll really have sầu khổng lồ commit khổng lồ jumping in.


DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation is available on PS4 và PC. We reviewed the PS4 version.