Autodesk revit architecture/structure/mep 2016 sp2 x64


Autodesk Revit 2016 is building information modeling software for architects & drawing for building structure engineers. In fact, all over the world engineers use for their working to Autodesk Revit. Because of this version is very simple for project handling và drawing. But those engineers purchase this software download from Autodesk Corporation. Especially now Autodesk included this software with their best services & offer full unlimited.

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Details of Autodesk Revit 2016

Autodesk Revit 2016 was made by Revit technology Corporation in January 2000. Also, Revit released many versions of this product. Notably, Revit 2016 is the best version of the BIM software. Also, Revit version 1.0 was released on April 5, 2000. Then Autodesk Revit software was initially offered only as a monthly payment, without any option to không tính tiền purchase. But now they are controlled by an entirely automatic process and không lấy phí licensing download from online. Since Autodesk Revit 2015 the different disciplines have been rolled into one product simply called Revit.

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Features ofAutodesk Revit 2016Object model systemNow it has Object Analysis supportDatabase access to edit2D,3D,4D mã sản phẩm design possibleIndividual 3d shapesAnimation and effect kiến thiết conceptWith Rendering gadget includedRevit năm 2016 all is perfectAnd user-friendly viewSystem Requirements


Windows XP and aboveCPU core-I systemProcessor 2.0 GHzRAM up lớn 2GBDisk space 4GB availableOS bit 32/64 bitOS activated license


All MacOSCPU core-I systemProcessor 2.0 GHzRAM up lớn 2GBDisk space 4GB availableOS bit 32/64 bitOS activated licenseHow to installHow to miễn phí Download Autodesk Revit 2016

Revit năm 2016 free download full latest version for your PC or Laptop. This software is not a không lấy phí version but we are providing Revit năm 2016 with serial key. After all, now you tải về or purchase this software if you want From the links down below.

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