Cách mở system properties win 10

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The System Properties window is commonly used khổng lồ configure options such as your computer name, system restore, remote desktop và so on. In this tutorial we’ll show you 3 easy ways to open System Properties in Windows 10.

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Method 1: mở cửa System Properties by Right-clicking This PC Icon

Right-click the This PC inhỏ on your desktop and then select Properties.


Click Advanced system settings in the left menu.


Windows 10 will immediately open the System Properties window.

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Method 2: xuất hiện System Properties via Cortamãng cầu Search

On the Windows 10 taskbar, enter “advanced system” inside the Cortana search box. When the tìm kiếm results are loaded, cliông xã on “View advanced system settings“.


Method 3: xuất hiện System Properties via Run or Comm& Line

Press Windows + R keys together, type the command “sysdm.cpl” in the Run dialog box & press Enter. Alternatively, you can open Commvà Prompt and type the same comm& khổng lồ open System Properties.

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If you want lớn directly open any specific tabs in the System Properties window, just type one of the following commands:


For example, if you exeđáng yêu the command “SystemPropertiesAdvanced” via Run or Commvà Prompt, it will open the Advanced tab in System Properties.