Rog strix z490


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While this board doesn"t have integrated Wi-Fi or Công nghệ Bluetooth, it"s still a ROG Strix board, & with that comes impressive sầu VRM cooling, impressive power delivery, and (in my opinion) clean looking RGB. The Strix Z490-A also comes in a beautiful silver and Trắng color palette, và this board looks great next khổng lồ white RAM và white cases. the ASUS BIOS can be a little over the top with the number of things that can be tweaked, but thiết lập & basic overclocks are a breeze.


The rog strix z490 series are one of the best Motherboards for this socket. I chose the A because i wanted it Trắng & silver.


It has everything you need & its a top unique motherboard from asus. 2 m.2 placements 3x16 pcie, 2 usb slots for led cpu cooler ,headers for led strips & much more. Cant go wrong with it.

I wanted lớn give sầu this 5 stars but it feels like a "lets make a white/silver Z490-E but strip it down a bit" afterthought & ASUS could have done better. I really wish they would have taken the Z490-E và just changed the colors. I was annoyed that there is not a heatsink for the 2nd M.2 slot as aftermarket options are not great. Overall this board is not bad and it looks great but I would recommover going with the Z490-E as it has better VRMs, wifi, extra M.2 heatsink... you get the idea

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