Asrock b450m pro4


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Dont know much about MB but was easy khổng lồ plug everyting and i enable the xmp profile also easily.Work as intended


Good, reliable, decent power delivery, and supports a bit of expansion if needed. Overall, it"s a nice compact motherboard. Will recommend for Micro ATX builds.

Decent board but as I said would have got a different one had I got a do-over as it doesn"t suit all my needs. I thought it was all but the same as the pro4 but there are some notable drawbacks. Only one ARGB header (same as pro4 but similar prices mobos have sầu two). Only 4 SATA headers vs 6 on the pro4. Only one 4pin fan header and one 3pin whereas pro4 has three 4pins. Will have to buy a tín đồ splitter. Pro4-F và Pro4 both have sầu USB-C connector on the rear IO which is a nice touch, even though I don"t own any products that need it right now :D But good room for future upgrades of peripherals. The reason I got the Pro4-F and not Pro4 is that the Pro4 was not available at any stores I could find for my area. Again having my time over I would have definitely chosen a different board. But if the drawbacks I mentioned don"t bother you then it"s a fine board. But definitely do some further research if it has everything you need. It"s a blaông chồng board & really blends in with the black case I have sầu and provides great contrast khổng lồ my RGB ram.

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