Download adobe after effects cc 2015 v13


Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is a powerful motion graphics & visual effects software, it gives everything you need lớn create most stunning visuals. Adobe After Effects allows you lớn create animation, manipulate image, compose 2D/3D truyền thông, edit truyền thông media objects, and more. After Effects can be used for keying, rotoscoping, compositing, tracking, & animation.

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It gives you the posibilities to create an advanced production-quality motion graphics & visual effects. Adobe After Effects CC 2015 offers excellent functions và tools, ability to lớn work together (collaboration), a wide variety of creative sầu assets, and the integration with other applications lượt thích with CINEMA 4 chiều, Autodesk 3 chiều MAX, LightWave sầu 3D và so on.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 has many of the same features with other Adobe programs. Most often it is used for video clip processing, creating animation, Clip games, and many other things that require digital video clip effects. With an extensive sầu library of plug-ins, Adobe After Effects is also used for graphic thiết kế, editing graphic images, printing, và data visualization.

What’s new in Adobe After Effects CC 2015:

Apply effects lớn faces with greater accuracyChange eye color and mouth movementsCreate customized preview behaviorsCreate, save sầu và mô tả your assetsEasily create animate 2D charactersEnables you to trigger actionsExport data to Adobe Character AnimatorFace Tracker & color correctionIntegrates with Adobe Stochồng servicePreviews without interrupting playbackSave sầu an image to your CC LibrariesNew interactive sầu controls, and many more.



Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (64-bit Only)3 GHz multi-core processor4 GB RAM (8 GB recomended)5 GB disk space1280 x 1080 displayOpenGL 2.0QuickTime 7

How lớn install?:

Disconnect from mạng internet (Must)Unpaông xã & install Adobe After Effects CC Install Adobe After Effects CC năm ngoái UpdateDon’t run yet, exit After Effects CC if runningRun as admin the Patch và cliông chồng on on Patch##You can also activate the software using KeygenNever update, bloông chồng After Effects by a firewall

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